Winged Helmet
Platform Racing 3 - Winged Helmet


Nicole Swimley


Lengthens Speed Bursts/adds 5 speed points

First Appearance

Platform Racing 3 (2010)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 3

The Winged Helmet (also known as the Speed Hat) is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 3 that was released on 2010-07-29, although it was listed a prize since the game's open beta launch.[1]

The hat has the appearance of a basic helmet with two wings attached to the sides to showcase its speed.


When donning the helmet, players have their speed stat increased by five points and their Speed Bursts last twice as long as they normally do when activated.


To earn the Winged Helmet, users must collect every gold medal in the campaign, or 50, then they automatically receive it.



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