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Late 2015 was an official website for War of the Web owned by Jacob Grahn that housed the game's Martian Hall of Fame.


Before Jiggmin purchased the domain on 2012-01-01, the url belonged to a variety of owners in the early 2000s and served different purposes, including hosting competitions between kids' websites and votable contests to choose a website's best designed theme.

Under Jiggmin, was used to hold the Martian Hall of Fame for his game of the same name, War of the Web. While its claimed in-game to immortalize winners for eternity, only the three latest teams as displayed, with no method to view others before them.

Shut Down

In late 2015, the website unexpectedly shut down a few months after had suddenly closed as well. However, unlike the latter, Jiggmin did not explain why went offline considering the game itself is still being supported and stopped paying for the domain entirely.


  • While the winning team is labelled for each date, any player, including rival teams, can be placed in the launched section as long as they launch in the four hour period before the game resets.
  • Armora is incorrectly labelled "Armor".


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