This article contains a list of weapons purchaseable in War of the Web sorted by power. The final five strongest weapons are exclusive to one team, though they can be stolen during battles by other groups.


Weapon Name Description Price Power
War of the Web - Pitchfork Pitchfork Stab enemies. Free 0
War of the Web - Potato Gun Potato Gun Fires potatoes. ¢100 1
War of the Web - Fairy Slingshot Fairy Slingshot Shoots fairies. ¢125 2
War of the Web - Spikes Spikes! Stab enemies. ¢225 3
War of the Web - Sun Death Ray Sun Death Ray Fires a death ray at enemies. ¢340 4
War of the Web - Awesome Cannon Awesome Cannon Shots rockets with the famous awesome face on them. ¢500 5
War of the Web - Magic Foot Magic Foot Kicks foes. ¢760 6
War of the Web - Meteor Magnet Meteor Magnet Draws meteors to it to launch at foes. ¢1,140 7
War of the Web - Black Hole Mini Black Hole Mini Launches a black hole that sucks enemies into it. ¢1,700 8
War of the Web - Excalibur Excalibur Slashes foes elegantly. ¢2,500 9
War of the Web - Watering Can Watering Can Waters enemies to their death. ¢2,500 9
War of the Web - Bubble Gun Bubble Gun Fires deadly bubbles. ¢2,500 9
War of the Web - Queen Call Queen Call Summons the queen ant from underground to swallow foes. ¢2,500 9
War of the Web - Portable Tank Portable Tank Blasts enemies. ¢2,500 9


  • Kong's strongest weapon was originally the "Portal Device", which was an exact copy of the weapon in the Half-Life series.[1] Due to possible copyright issues, the weapon was replaced entirely in the final release.
  • The Fairy Slingshot was originally titled the "Fairy Launcher".
  • Magic Foot was briefly known as the "Magical Hair".



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