War of the Web

War of the Web - Armora Title Screen

War of the Web - F.A.C.E Title Screen

War of the Web - Jiggs Title Screen

War of the Web - Kong Title Screen

War of the Web - New Geo Title Screen

Developers Jiggmin
Publishers Armor Games, Facebook,

Kongregate, Newgrounds

Rating T
Genres Real time strategy
Release Date 2012-01-01[1] (Beta)


2012-03-21 (AG)

War of the Web is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer real time strategy video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2012-03-17. The game is a spiritual successor to the Jiggmin's Village forum game Conquest.

Pre-Release History

On 2011-01-21, Jiggmin hinted at a new game in the first blog of the revamped Dev Log, describing it as a grander version of Conquest.[3] Another blog a week later showcased multiple website's favicons as war flags, implying they would fight each other in some form.[4] Jiggmin confirmed after another week that War of the Web would allow players to login with their accounts on the previously revealed sites, along with a potential unnamed sixth that was later scrapped.[5] An update towards the end of February revealed that each website's soldiers would have unique appearances, though exact gameplay details remained unknown, with the next update in late March showcasing various weapons.[6][7]

The project was then put on hiatus for several months while he worked on Platform Racing 2, Platform Racing 3 and Creation. Development resumed in October and Jiggmin began hosting livestreams showing its progress through December, in the last of which he announced that a beta would be posted in the coming days.[8] In between livestreams, several blogs revealing multiple buildings were also posted.[9][10][11][12]


War of the Web Gameplay

Kong and Neo Geo soldiers in a battle. As Kong was the last to reach Mars, their soldiers wear astronaut helmets and have a 10% attack bonus.

Similarly to Conquest, War of the Web is an online strategy game where players are split into five teams and duke it out against one another, with the main objective to collect enough research reach Mars first. After which their team's immortalized in the Martian Hall of Fame, research resets and the cycle repeats. The player is automatically placed on a team depending on which website they're playing on, however if they use an unofficial website or are not logged in, they are randomly put on a team as a guest.

Players start the game with $9,999, 300 turns and 13 plots where they can place various buildings. All teams have access to the same ones, although each have unique designs based on their theme, e.g. for HQs Armor Games uses medieval castles while Facebook has modern skyscrapers.
War of the Web - Empire

A Kong player's level 9 empire.

Buildings cost coin to erect and upgrade, which can be stolen from enemy players during raids or created in cities by spending turns. Turns automatically replenish at a rate of 9 per minute and are additionally used to collect research along with recruit/train soldiers. They can also substitute coins for repairing destroyed buildings in the event players lack the necessary funds.


Name Armora F.A.C.E. Jiggs Kong Neo Geo
Armory War of the Web - Armora Armory War of the Web - F.A.C.E Armory War of the Web - Jiggs Armory War of the Web - Kong Armory War of the Web - Neo Geo Armory
Purchase weapons.
Barracks War of the Web - Armora Barracks War of the Web - F.A.C.E Barracks War of the Web - Jiggs Barracks War of the Web - Kong Barracks War of the Web - Neo Geo Barracks
Houses and serves as a training ground for soldiers.
City War of the Web - Armora City War of the Web - F.A.C.E City War of the Web - Jiggs City War of the Web - Kong City War of the Web - Neo Geo City
Houses citizens and allows them to produce coin.
HQ War of the Web - Armora HQ War of the Web - F.A.C.E HQ War of the Web - Jiggs HQ War of the Web - Kong HQ War of the Web - Neo Geo HQ
Plan attacks against enemies.
Spy Hub War of the Web - Armora Spy Hub War of the Web - F.A.C.E Spy Hub War of the Web - Jiggs Spy Hub War of the Web - Kong Spy Hub War of the Web - Neo Geo Spy Hub
Spy on foes.
Stronghold War of the Web - Armora Stronghold War of the Web - F.A.C.E Stronghold War of the Web - Jiggs Stronghold War of the Web - Kong Stronghold War of the Web - Neo Geo Stronghold
Provides surrounding buildings with an extra defense bonus.
Launch Site War of the Web - Armora Launch Site War of the Web - F.A.C.E Launch Site War of the Web - Jiggs Launch Site War of the Web - Kong Launch Site War of the Web - Neo Geo Launch Site
Gather research to reach Mars.


These are weapons players can purchase. The final five strongest ones are exclusive to one team, though they can be stolen by other groups during battles.

Weapon Name Description Price Power
War of the Web - Pitchfork Pitchfork Stab enemies. Free 0
War of the Web - Potato Gun Potato Gun Fires potatoes. ¢100 1
War of the Web - Fairy Slingshot Fairy Slingshot Shoots fairies. ¢125 2
War of the Web - Spikes Spikes! Stab enemies. ¢225 3
War of the Web - Sun Death Ray Sun Death Ray Fires a death ray at enemies. ¢340 4
War of the Web - Awesome Cannon Awesome Cannon Shoots rockets with the awesome face on them. ¢500 5
War of the Web - Magic Foot Magic Foot Kicks foes. ¢760 6
War of the Web - Meteor Magnet Meteor Magnet Draws meteors to it to launch at foes. ¢1,140 7
War of the Web - Black Hole Mini Black Hole Mini Launches a black hole that sucks enemies into it. ¢1,700 8
War of the Web - Excalibur Excalibur Elegantly slashes foes. ¢2,500 9
War of the Web - Watering Can Watering Can Waters enemies to their death.
War of the Web - Bubble Gun Bubble Gun Fires deadly bubbles.
War of the Web - Queen Call Queen Call Summons the queen ant from underground to swallow foes.
War of the Web - Portable Tank Portable Tank Blasts enemies.


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Newgrounds medals were added to the game shortly after its release, which have since been removed due to its shut down.

Badge Name Requirements Points
War of the Web - Saboteur Badge Saboteur Spy on an enemy and destroy their defenses. 5
War of the Web - Exotic Tastes Badge Exotic Tastes Steal an enemy team's level 9 weapon during a raid. 25
War of the Web - Rich Ass Badge Rich Ass Acquire 99,999 coin. 50
War of the Web - Launch Badge Launch Successfully launch with your team to Mars. 100
War of the Web - Trollo Badge Trollo Attack someone on your own team. 5
War of the Web - All In Badge All In Spend 300 turns on research. 10
War of the Web - Divine Master Badge Divine Master Reach 100% empire happiness. 10
War of the Web - Slave Driver Badge Slave Driver Reach 0% empire happiness. 10

Shut Down

Unlike other non-Platform Racing 2 multiplayer games, Jiggmin continued supporting War of the Web past 2015-09-09 as it was hosted by rather than himself.[13] However, the game saw the beginning of many feature discontinuations around the time. The built-in chats were shut down in January 2015 for unknown reasons, leaving only Team Kong with abilities to communicate. Once closed in July, it also becaming impossible to fight for Team F.A.C.E. as its file was hosted there too. was additionally shut down later that year, and the Kongregate build was mistakenly caught in a sweep of unpublishings of Jiggmin's discontinued multiplayer games later on 2016-07-26, leaving only Teams Neo Geo and Armora. On 2018-01-18, the game was shut down entirely unannounced while he was moving his website's servers.

There have been no fan projects to attempt and revive the game or set up private servers, leaving it unplayable.


  • This was the last of Jiggmin's games to be finished and released on other websites.
  • Newgrounds' team name is a reference to the video game console of the same name.
  • Jiggs' soldiers were originally aliens instead of cactus' in early photos.
  • Kong's ultimate weapon was originally the Portal Device from the Half-Life series.[14] Due to possible copyright issues, it was replaced in the final release, though a modified and recolored version was used for the Black Hole Mini.
    • Two weapons also had slightly different names:
      • The Fairy Slingshot was the Fairy Launcher.
      • Magic Foot was called the Magical Hair.
  • While published on Armor Games[15][16], the website rejected the game after a couple days and removed it indefinitely.[17] Its file was accessible though, and players could still fight for Armora.
  • This is the only one of Jiggmin's multiplayer games to purge accounts after several weeks of inactivity despite saving them to a server.
  • Despite Kongregate removing the game, its comment section and forum can still be accessed.
  • A glitch during battles can cause all soldiers to stop moving while one continually fires at nothing, creating a neverending fight.
War of the Web Glitch
  • A remix of "Vital Mission" from the SNES game Metal Warriors titled "Vital Mech" by MF-Greth was briefly used as the building theme, though it was replaced with the current music to avoid potential copyright issues.
  • F.A.C.E.'s 100% spy bonus is a jab at the website's controversial stances on privacy.




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