Vault of Magics

The Vault of Magics is the official in-game shop for Platform Racing 2 found only in the Kongregate version where users can spend Kreds, the website's currency, on various items ranging from body parts to private servers.

The store was announced on 2013-05-14 in effort to help raise money for planned features in Platform Racing 4[1] before opening 2 days later.[2]


Photo Name Description Price
Platform Racing 2 - Super Booster Super Booster Boosts stats by 10 for one match. Can be used once a day. Free
Platform Racing 2 - Epic Everything Epic Everything Awards the buyer every Epic Upgrade. 110K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Fred Guild de Fred Gives the player and their guild a Giant Cactus body for one hour. 20K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Ghost Guild de Ghost Gives the user and their guild a Very Invisible set for one hour. 10K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Artifact Guild de Artifact Temporarily gives the user's guild an Artifact as a hat for an hour. 30K
Platform Racing 2 - Happy Hour Happy Hour Triggers a Happy Hour on the user's current server. 50K
Platform Racing 2 - Rank Token++ Rank Token++ Gives the user and their guild an extra rank token for one week. Up to 21 can be rented at a time, with the price increasing by 20k for each additional token. 50K
Platform Racing 2 - Frost Djinn Frost Djinn Gives the player the Frost Djinn set. 50K
Platform Racing 2 - Wise King Wise King Awards the buyer a King set. 30K
Platform Racing 2 - Wise Queen Wise Queen Adds the Queen set to the user's parts. 30K
Platform Racing 2 - Private Server 1 Private Server 1 Creates a private server only accessible to your guild that can be used for one day. Only guild owners can purchase this and moderators can not enter the server. 20K
Platform Racing 2 - Private Server 30 Private Server 30 Creates a server only your guild can access for 30 days. Only guild owners are allowed to buy this and moderators are forbidden from entering the server. 300K


  • When inquired about a similar store for Platform Racing 3 in 2010, Jiggmin rejected the idea, stating he disliked purchasable DLC as "the unfairness of it just bugs me", hence why most items in the Vault of Magics are temporary and don't provide buyers with advantages over other players.
  • Both private server FAQ sections hint at a future feature for guild owners to be able to set custom campaigns on them, though this never happened.
  • The "Wise King" and "Wise Queen" parts were originally labelled the "King of Wisdom" and "Queen of Wisdom" as seen in the shop's announcement video.