Vault of Magics

The Vault of Magics is the in-game shop for Platform Racing 2 found only in the Kongregate version where players can purchase various items from body parts to private servers with Kreds, the website's currency.

The store was announced on 2013-05-14 in effort to raise money for planned features in Platform Racing 4 before opening 2 days later.[1][2]


Photo Name Description Price
Platform Racing 2 - Super Booster Super Booster Boosts stats by 10 for one match. Can be used once a day. Free
Platform Racing 2 - Epic Everything Epic Everything Unlocks every Epic Upgrade. 110K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Fred Guild de Fred Gives the player's guild a Giant Cactus body for one hour. 20K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Ghost Guild de Ghost Gives the user and their guild a Very Invisible set for an hour. 10K
Platform Racing 2 - Guild de Artifact Guild de Artifact Temporarily gives the user's guild an Artifact as a hat for an hour. 30K
Platform Racing 2 - Happy Hour Happy Hour Triggers a Happy Hour on the user's current server. 50K
Platform Racing 2 - Rank Token++ Rank Token++ Gives the user's guild a rank token for one week. Up to 21 can be rented at a time, with the price increasing by 20K for each additional token.
Platform Racing 2 - Frost Djinn Frost Djinn Gives the player the Frost Djinn set.
Platform Racing 2 - Wise King Wise King Unlocks the King set. 30K
Platform Racing 2 - Wise Queen Wise Queen Unlocks the Queen set.
Platform Racing 2 - Private Server 1 Private Server 1 Creates a private server for one day accessible only by your guild. Only owners can buy this and moderators can not enter the server. 20K
Platform Racing 2 - Private Server 30 Private Server 30 Creates a server only your guild can access for 30 days. 300K


  • Jiggmin has said he dislikes paid DLC, saying "the unfairness of it just bugs me" when rejecting a store for Platform Racing 3 in 2010. This is why most items in the Vault of Magics are temporary and don't provide advantages over other players.
  • Both private server FAQs hint at an ultimately scrapped feature for setting custom campaigns.
  • The "Wise King" and "Wise Queen" parts were originally the "King of Wisdom" and "Queen of Wisdom" as seen in the announcement video.