Usergroups in Jiggmin's community are defined by various features and permissions, with the most evident being their distinct username colors. Groups have different privileges on Jiggmin's Village and the multiplayer games, with each listed below.[1]


Administrators/Super Moderators

Platform Racing 2 - Admin Tools

Admin tools in Platform Racing 2.

Administrators (also known as Super Moderators on JV) are denoted by their magenta color and are the most exclusive group, ordinarily comprising of three members and Jiggmin. In addition to moderator abilities, administrators have access to the "Admin" chat room, can promote a member to moderator or temporary moderator status and demote them at any time, though typically these are discussed with other admins before they're executed.

The administrator rank is exclusive to Jiggmin on the forums, with the members given the Super Moderator title with the same color. Super moderators lack the ability to promote or demote others and are functionally no different from normal moderators apart from being able to view when members who have "Invisible" mode checked were last online. However, super moderators are given access to the Admin Beach section.


Platform Racing 2 - Moderator Tools

Mod tools in Platform Racing 2.

Moderators are volunteers chosen by administrators to moderate Jiggmin's multiplayer games, the forum, or both who are given a dark blue (brown in Platform Racing 3).
Platform Racing 3 - Moderator Profile Options

Mod tools in Platform Racing 3.

In games, moderators can warn (silence in Platform Racing 3) users for up to 60 seconds and ban up to a year, unpublish obscene levels, choose the "Level of the Day" in Platform Racing 3, delete guilds, play on maps regardless of rank or password requirements, enter full servers, view reported private messages, a user's IP address and prior bans, and change the Artifact's location among others.

On the forum, moderators can administer infractions and ban users, lock, delete, move, copy, and sticky threads, create forum-wide announcements, modify or delete another member's post, and receive access to most Legal District sections.


Members are given a teal color (black in Platform Racing 3) and the group all users begin at. For the forum, members must be at least 13 years old to comply with United States law, have the ability to create and post on threads and access non-private sections among others.

Forum Only

Game Moderators

Game moderators have a dark green color and are members who are only moderators on Jiggmin's multiplayer games and not the forums, though they retain access to the Mod Hut.

Typically this rank serves as a transitional period, as most gradually receive a single or more sections to moderate before being promoted to a full moderator.

Shadow Council of Nine

Shadow Council of Nine are a group on nine members who receive access to the special Village Council section where they discuss and vote on various actions for Jiggmin to execute, such as replacing the "Top Thanked" area in the Top 10 stats with Hottest Threads.

The group has had two incarnations, the first existed in late 2013 with the nine latest Heroes of the Week automatically given access. This was later reformed on 2014-05-13 when Jiggmin announced that members would be voted on by the community via the Voters United section.[2][3] Voting began on the 27th and ended a week later.[4] Given the change in procedure, members were also given orange names to distinguish themselves from Heroes.

Hero of the Week

Hero of the Week is a special status given to one member at a time for one week. Potential users are voted on by previous Heroes and the staff in the private Hero's Peak section and, once selected, are given a yellow colored name for several weeks, access to the aforementioned section, awarded a forum medal and the Bubble set in Platform Racing 2.[5]

Only active members, those who have posted five times in the last week, are eligible. Staff are excluded from being nominated, as well as anyone who has received an infraction or ban within the last month.[6]

Games Only


Guests are players who have not created an account and have a grey (sky blue in Platform Racing 3) color. Guest names are always followed by a string of numbers and re-usable, thus a user's progress is not saved once they log off.

Given their inability to have a single owner, guests can not chat or send private messages, add others to their friends or ignored lists, and save custom levels.

Platform Racing 2 Only

Temporary Moderator

Platform Racing 2 - Temporary Moderator Tools

Temp mod tools in Platform Racing 2.

Temporary moderators are members who are given limited moderator powers that are revoked after a period of time or when they log off. While they have a blue name, their user profile labels them a normal member.

They can warn or administer a 30 minute ban to users, access the "Mod" chat room, and bypass level requirements on courses.

Trial Moderator

Trial moderator is a position that sits between moderators and temporary moderators. They retain blue names, though their profile now identifies them as a "Moderator", making it difficult to differentiate them from normal moderators.

In addition to basic temporary moderator features, trial moderators can ban up to a day, lift bans, view a user's priors, IP addresses, reported private messages, and enter full servers.




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