The following is an article listing unused graphics and other data in Jiggmin's games sorted alphabetically. Files that were used at one point, but not anymore for multiplayer games (such as Platform Racing 2 's Armor Games graphics) are not listed due to their sheer amount.

Beat Master 3000

All songs contains three hidden text strings for each difficulty level filled with random quotes.

  • Beat Master:
    • "Only go out on Teusdays, because that\'s when the really evil bad guys are gone.","How many licks does it take to get to the center of a totsie pop? Is it twelve?"
    • "The small man wimpered. Why did he have to cut lemmons while he had this blasted papercut? It\'s sooo unfair!"
    • "Why are comic book names so silly? Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Sandman, Iron Man...? Upcoming heroes: Kangarooman, Manman, Normalman, Mailman, Alienman, and Cheese."
  • Rice Wine:
    • "Aliens are invading, you better run and hide. Now they have found you, you\'re brains will surely be fried"
    • "Don\'t mess with Derron Verdriet. He will hit you in the head really hard if you do. Seriously, he will. Or maybe he won\'t. It\'s all up to him really. Guess it depends on his mood and tolerence."
    • "Gibberish is a generic term in English for talking that sounds like speech, but has no actual meaning such as the mave\'s rint ist slanpehed up uthep yongrish. This meaning has also been extended to meaningless text or gobbledygook: hogtdkypots","Silly painter man seeks solitude in the Canadian wilderness. Overly opaque peanuts are all the rage in Sydney. Potatoes contain starch. The man decided to ask why now... shortly after he wished he had not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.","Time to come up with a piece of text that is exactly two hundred and forty three characters long! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen :)"
  • Thanks:
    • "See spot run. See spot run oh so far. Faaaar!","super-cala-fargilistic-expi-ala-docus. Wheee!","I want to give Jiggmin all of my possesions!!","Werecat? What was that kid smoking? Werecat??","Yo Mama\'s so Web 2.0, you all call her Mothr!","What did the blonde call her pet zebra? Spot."
    • "When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative. Quote from Martin Luther King Jr","Some people collect marbles, others collect pictures. Me? I collect pens. Not on purpose, but I do have a lot of them. No pencils.","It\'s really pretty difficult to come up with bits of text that are exactly the right length. Babbling randomly seems to work best.","She sold sea shells by the sea shore. Six thick thistle sticks. Six thick thistles stick. Some tongue twisters for your enjoyment."
    • "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


Despite there being no area for a person to type, swear filter code usually seen in Jiggmin's multiplayer games exists in the second version of the game. As Bats? is merely a variant of it, the code also exists in that version.


In addition to the white chalk, players originally could choose from 4 other colors, though they can't be selected in-game.

Chalkboard - Unused 1Chalkboard - Unused 2Chalkboard - Unused 3Chalkboard - Unused 4


Armor Games Data

When Jiggmin announced that Creation would be released on other websites, he listed Armor Games as one of them. However, for an unknown reason, the game was never posted there. Despite that, there is unused code to check for an Armor Games login and a flag that would later be used in War of the Web.

Creation - Armor Flag

Newgrounds Medals

Code and icons for Newgrounds medals also exist, despite Creation never receiving them.

Creation - Default Save Icon Creation - Default Medal Icon

Effing Hail

Sticky Note

A leftover sticky note graphic from Effing Hail 's beta is still in the swf. As seen in a pre-release screenshot, this would've been displayed at the start of level 1.[1]

Effing Hail - Unused Graphic

Music Credit

A vague credit for the game's music is available in the code after Jiggmin and aeiowu's, though not found anywhere in-game.

Effing Hail - Unused Button

Effing Meteors

SoundCloud Icon

One of the first files loaded in the swf is an unused SoundCloud icon.

Effing Meteors - SoundCloud Icon

Full Title Screen

The main menu graphic is much larger than what is seen by players in-game.

Effing Meteors - Full Title Screen

Leaderboard/Achievements Buttons

While removed in-game, the leaderboard and achievement graphics are still present in the Kongregate build of the game.

Effing Meteors - Leaderboards Effing Meteors - Achievements

Platform Racing

Two blocks titled "normal block" and "waffle block" are in the swf, but never used. They would later be used in the sequel as basic blocks 3 and 4.

Platform Racing - Normal Block Platform Racing - Waffle Block

Platform Racing 3


Basic Blocks 2-4

Given how the basic block is titled "Basic Block 1" and there are three extra spots on the block selector, it can be inferred that the three other variants from the previous installment were planned to added at one point. This is confirmed in the code, where graphics for each are present.

Platform Racing 3 - Basic 2 Platform Racing 3 - Basic 3 Platform Racing 3 - Basic 4

Placeholder titles and comments for them appear in-between basic block 1 and the brick block in the selector not viewable in-game as well.

"Basic Block 2"

   "Bland, but at least it comes with peanuts."

"Basic Block 3"

   "Bland, but at least it's hardy."

"Basic Block 4"

   "Bland, but at least it looks like a waffle."

Given basic block 4's description explicitly mentioning its design in PR2, it's unknown whether only classic versions were planned or if it was a placeholder comment that would be updated when other designs were added.

Change Password

An in-game option to change your password.

Platform Racing 3 - Change Password

Donkey Set

Present only in the game's iPhone app files, these body parts are unobtainable in any form without jailbreaking. As they're not in the desktop version, this was likely the last set drawn for the game.

Platform Racing 3 - Donkey Set

Finished Parasol Hat

Also only found in the iPhone app, this is the Parasol Hat's final design included in the 9-20-11-1 build that was never published by Sparkworkz.

Platform Racing 3 - Parasol Hat

Item Display

Unfinished graphics featuring all items underneath text reading "TEST". Given that it shares its name with the feature in Platform Racing 2, this is likely the area where the player's current item and remaining uses would've been shown.

Platform Racing 3 - Item Display

Set Email

An in-game option to set an email for your account.

Platform Racing 3 - Set Email


A pop-up showing the current frames per second and amount of memory the game's using. While used for testing by Jiggmin, it's not seen at all by players.

Platform Racing 3 - Stats

Uncolored Pirate, Nurse, and Top Hats

Separate graphics exist for the Pirate, Nurse, and Top Hats without a placeholder color for their changeable areas, although changeable graphics themselves are not present.

Platform Racing 3 - Pirate Hat (Unused) Platform Racing 3 - Nurse Hat (Unused) Platform Racing 3 - Top Hat (Unused)



A high-pitched cartoon voice saying "Ouch". While it's unknown where it was intended to be used, it presumably would have played after a player touches a mine or is hit by a weapon.

Platform Racing 3 - Ouch


A sped-up, higher pitched version of the previous file labelled "OuchCute" can also be found in the iPhone app.

Platform Racing 3 - OuchCute

Neverending Light


Thought Bubble

A thought bubble that was likely used for D thinking to himself about something Anabel said that was cut.

Neverending Light - Thought Bubble

Warning Preloader

A 6.6 second long screen warning players about the game's mature content. This would have played either before or after the preloader.

Neverending Light - Unused Warning Screen


While all respective graphics and in-game usages of these texts were removed in the mobile version of the game, they are still in the code.

Neverending Light (Mobile) - Unused Text

Red Earth II

The bullet impact sound from Bot001's turret in Red Earth. Since Bot001 is nonfunctional, it's not used anywhere.

Red Earth II - Bullet Hit

Uber Breakout

While graphics for Kizash and their high score tables were used in their website's build when it was up, they're also present in all other versions of the game, including Newgrounds, which doesn't have high scores at all, and's, which uses an external system.

Uber Breakout - Unused High Scores 1 Uber Breakout - Unused High Scores 2

Uber Breakout II

Although's build of Uber Breakout II uses an external high score system like its predecessor, the internal Newgrounds version remains in the game inaccessible, though fully functional.

Uber Breakout II - Unused High Scores

War of the Web

One of the trees from Platform Racing 2 is present in the swf, but not used anywhere.

Platform Racing 2 - Tree 3



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