Uber Space Shooter
Uber Space Shooter




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Release Dates

2007-11-02 (K)

2007-12-01 (N)

Uber Space Shooter is an Adobe Flash 2D shooter video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2007-11-02.


Uber Space Shooter Gameplay

Spaceship flying next to enemy fleets in the first level.

Players pilot a ship on a circular plain armed with three forms of attack: standard bullets, rapid fire and torpedoes with the objective of destroying the circular space dimension. A purple bar in the bottom-left corner indicates how often the ship can fire, with shooting frequently depleting it quicker, while two others display the ship's shield status and life.

The game is split into 10 levels, with all but the 7th containing unique enemies, although players remain on the same screen. Once the final stage is reached, the circular object seen at the center of the map throughout the game must be fought. Players cannot damage it while it's attacking, with their only opportunity being when it briefly leaves the center and flies around the field.


Level Enemy Name
1 Uber Space Shooter - Mini Shooter Mini Shooter
2 Uber Space Shooter - Rando Rando
3 Uber Space Shooter - Asteroid Asteroid
4 Uber Space Shooter - Spin Spin
5 Uber Space Shooter - Mine Mines
6 Uber Space Shooter - Enterprise Enterprise
7 Uber Space Shooter - Rando Rando
8 Uber Space Shooter - Saw Saw
9 Uber Space Shooter - Evil Circular Space Dimension Evil Circular Space Dimension


Power-Up Name Effect
Uber Space Shooter - Hull Hull

+3 Life

+4 Resistance

Uber Space Shooter - Energy Energy

+1 Max

+2 Regeneration

Uber Space Shooter - Shield Shield

+1 Max

+2 Regeneration


  • Jiggmin announced the game on 2007-07-18, originally planning on releasing it August 1st.[1]
  • The final boss' laugh would later be used as the sound effect for sad blocks in the Platform Racing series.
  • The mines in the fifth level are the same ones from Jiggmin's game of the same name.
  • Due to a sizing error with the shield, ships are unable to pass through the small wall gaps in the final level. This was likely caused by increasing the shield's range during development while not accounting for the gap's size.



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