Uber Pool
Uber Pool




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Release Date

2006-04-18 (N)

2008-09-02 (K)

Uber Pool is an Adobe Flash sports video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2006-04-18.


Uber Pool Gameplay

The pool table used in the game. Players must continually pot balls in order to keep the silver bar seen to the left charged.

Uber Pool plays similarly to its real life equivalent, although with only two rules: players can't pot the main ball or let the silver bar run out. Players begin with four balls and each time they pot a ball, the silver bar re-fills.

A new ball type is introduced every level, ranging from normal balls to ones that draw others towards it. This also applies to power-ups, with ones that give an exact indication of where the cue stick will cause a ball to move to awarding the player an extra ball.


Ball Name Description Level Introduced
Uber Pool - Cue Cue Ball players use to hit other balls. 1
Uber Pool - Normal Normal Basic ball moves when hit. 1
Uber Pool - Drunkard Drunkard Slightly moves around randomly. 2
Uber Pool - Teeny Fred Teeny Fred Smaller than normal ball. 3
Uber Pool - Phantom Phantom Partially invisible. 4
Uber Pool - Dense Dense Requires more force in order to be pushed. 5
Uber Pool - Attractive Attractive Moves other balls towards it. 6
Uber Pool - Mega Big'n Mega Big'n Larger than normal ball. 7
Uber Pool - Repulsive Repulsive Moves nearby balls away from it. 8
Uber Pool - Teleport Teleport Randomly teleports every so often. 9
Uber Pool - Doom Doom Ends the game if hit too much. 10


Power-Up Name Description
Uber Pool - Bonus Bonus Awards 500 points.
Uber Pool - Penalty Penalty Deducts 500 points from a player's score.
Uber Pool - Aim Aim Adds an indicator to show where the cue stick is going to go.
Uber Pool - Scramble Scramble Moves every ball on the table around in random directions.
Uber Pool - More Time More Time Completely refills the silver bar.
Uber Pool - More Balls More Balls Adds more balls to the tables.
Uber Pool - Extra Life Extra Life Gives the player an additional cue ball.
Uber Pool - Pansy Ball Pansy Ball Cue ball can barely move others.
Uber Pool - Uber Ball Uber Ball Triggers an Uber Segment.
Uber Pool - Death Death The player dies if hit.


  • This is the first game Jiggmin published on his new, at the time, website,
  • The Kongregate version was published nearly two and a half years after its initial Newgrounds release.
    • Strangely, the game was also published by DragonGamez rather than Jiggmin.[1]
  • Once his website's url was shortened, Jiggmin updated the game to reflect the change. He neglected to center the text, however, making it oddly left-aligned underneath the other centered options on the results screen.
  • Due to a bug within Flash, it's impossible to play the official game with Flash Player versions above 19, as the game only reads their first number (currently "2" instead of "20") when it runs a check, rendering it unplayable. The game can be modified to remove the check altogether, though.



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