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Uber Breakout II




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Release Dates

2005-12-20 (N)

2007-02-23 (K)

Uber Breakout II is an Adobe Flash skill breakout video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2005-12-20. The game is a direct sequel to Uber Breakout, released a month earlier.


Uber Breakout II Gameplay

Similar to the original, players control two paddles to bounce a black ball back into play.

Like its predecessor, Uber Breakout II is a breakout game where players use two paddles, which can now additionally be individually controlled by two players, to bounce balls around a circular field, with the only rule being that one must be in play at all times.

The game is split up into 13 levels, each introducing new obstacles that interfere with the ball when touched. The first blocks feature basic hazards, such as simply bouncing off it or changing the ball's direction, and can be destroy by a single touch, while later levels add more complex actions, including trapping the player's ball inside rocks and taking multiple hits to take out. Power-ups also return and their effects are denoted by either having a green or red color, with their abilities ranging from providing extra points to softening the ball so it cannot damage anything.


Block Name Description Level Introduced
Uber Breakout - Normal Block Normal Basic block that breaks when hit. 1
Uber Breakout - Arrow Block Arrow Forces ball to move in the direction it's pointing. 2
Uber Breakout II - Spin Block Spin Hitting will cause the ball to spin. 3
Uber Breakout II - Ball Block Ball Brings another ball into play. 4
Uber Breakout - Orbit Block Orbit Moves around the screen. 5
Uber Breakout - Spin Block Rotate Similar to the Arrow block, though it continuously rotates. 6
Uber Breakout II - Item Block Item Shoots out multiple power-ups when hit. 7
Uber Breakout - Invisa-block Invisa Block Hard to see and takes two hits to break. 8
Uber Breakout - Rock Block Rock Takes several hits to destroy 9
Uber Breakout - Follow Block Follow Follows a ball until it or the block are destroyed. 10
Uber Breakout - Time Block Time Can not be destroyed until its timer has run out. 11
Uber Breakout II - Trap Block Trap Traps ball inside multiple Rock blocks. 12


Power-up Name Effect
Uber Breakout II - 500 Points 500 Points Awards the player 500 points.
Uber Breakout II - -500 Points -500 Points Removes 500 points from the player's score.
Uber Breakout II - Grow Paddle Paddle Expand Briefly increases the size of the player's paddles.
Uber Breakout II - Shrink Paddle Paddle Shrink Makes the paddles smaller for a short period.
Uber Breakout II - Electric Ball Electric Ball Balls randomly shoot lightning bolts at blocks.
Uber Breakout II - Slow Ball Slow Ball Reduces the ball's speed.
Uber Breakout II - Fast Ball Fast Ball Greatly increases the ball's speed.
Uber Breakout II - Pansy Ball Pansy Ball Ball is briefly turned into rubber and only bounces off blocks.
Uber Breakout II - Uber Ball Uber Ball Allows the ball to destroy blocks without bouncing off them.
Uber Breakout II - Extra Life Extra Life Gives the player an extra ball.
Uber Breakout II - Uber Paddle Uber Paddle Paddles briefly grow to occupy most of the screen.
Uber Breakout II - Bomb Bomb Automatically destroys all blocks on the field.

Mobile Differences

Uber Breakout II Mobile Gameplay

Mobile game screen.

A mobile version of the game was published on Kongregate on 2010-05-16, containing multiple changes in order to suit the different hardware, including:

  • Removal of the minigame, multiplayer mode, and Flash version checker.
  • Game automatically goes full screen once players press play.
  • Menu and loader backgrounds are now white, though the field retains its purple color.
  • Volume slider is replaced with a sound icon.
  • New up arrow buttons on both sides of the field to move the paddles left or right, although it is still possible to play with the arrow keys.
  • "Detail" and "Quality" options are removed and the grey boxes surrounding the other options are dropped.
  • Score and other trackers are moved to the top left corner to make room for the added buttons.


  • Differences from the original and introduced features include:
    • Requiring at least version 8 of Flash Player to play.
    • A new minigame where players have to change 100 black dots to white by hovering over them.
    • More flashy intro and transitions between menus.
    • Game's title no longer continually alternates between colors.
    • Addition of co-op, allowing another player to control a paddle with the "2" and "X" keys.
    • Players no longer receive points for moving the paddles.
    • Actual score, level number, etc. are colored red instead of the same color as their label.
    • Ball now has a visible smoke and fire trail.
    • Addition of the spin and trap blocks and the electric ball power-up.
  • This is Jiggmin's first game to feature multiplayer in any form.
  • The Kongregate version was published a full year after the version on Newgrounds and includes updated links to Jiggmin's, at the time, new website,
  • Due to a bug within Flash, it's impossible to play the official game with versions above 19, as the game reads them as "2" instead of "20" when it runs a check, rendering it unplayable. The game can be modified to remove the check altogether, however.
  • The minigame background has the light shade of purple found in the original game rather than the darker color seen everywhere else.

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