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Uber Breakout (published as Uber Breakout! on Newgrounds) is an Adobe Flash skill breakout video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2005-11-14.

The game went on to become Jiggmin's most successful project of 2005 and a sequel was shortly released a month later.


Uber Breakout Gameplay

Players must use 2 red paddles to keep the black ball in the circular field.

A breakout game, players control 2 paddles and bounce a ball around a circular field while it hits obstacles. If the ball leaves the field, players lose a life. Players begin with 4 lives, though they can collect more via power-ups.

The game is split up into 10 levels, each introducing new obstacles that interfere with the ball, beginning with blocks that simply cause it to bounce off it to ones that draw the ball to it. New levels also introduce extra power-ups, which range from awarding players bonus points to increasing the size of both paddles.


Block Name Description Level Introduced
Uber Breakout - Normal Block Normal Basic block that breaks when hit. 1
Uber Breakout - Arrow Block Arrow Forces ball to move in the direction it's pointing. 2
Uber Breakout - Spin Block Spin Similar to the arrow block, though it continuously rotates. 3
Uber Breakout - Rock Block Rock Takes several hits to destroy. 4
Uber Breakout - Time Block Time Can not be destroyed until its timer has run out. 5
Uber Breakout - Item Block Item Shoots out multiple power-ups when hit. 6
Uber Breakout - Orbit Block Orbit Moves around the screen. 7
Uber Breakout - Crazy Block Crazy Rotates and orbits around the screen. 8
Uber Breakout - Follow Block Follow Pursues a ball until it or the block are destroyed. 9
Uber Breakout - Invisa-block Invisa-block Hard to see and takes two hits to break. 10


Power-up Name Effect
Uber Breakout - 500 Points 500 Points Awards 500 points to the player.
Uber Breakout - -500 Points -500 Points Removes 500 points from the player's score.
Uber Breakout - Grow Paddle Grow Paddle Briefly increases the size of the paddles.
Uber Breakout - Shrink Paddle Shrink Paddle Makes the paddles smaller for a short period.
Uber Breakout - Slow Ball Slow Ball Reduces the ball's speed.
Uber Breakout - Fast Ball Fast Ball Greatly increases the ball's speed.
Uber Breakout - Uber Ball Uber Ball Allows the ball to destroy blocks without bouncing off them.
Uber Breakout - Bomb Bomb Automatically destroys all blocks on the field.
Uber Breakout - Uber Paddle Uber Paddle Paddles briefly grow to occupy most of the screen.
Uber Breakout - Extra Life Extra Life Gives the player an extra ball.


  • Each level lasts 24 seconds exactly apart from the continuous final one.[1]
  • A glitch in the Newgrounds release allows players to right click and press "play" during the game that forces them to the game over screen while the match is still going. This causes the player to gain extra points whenever they reach a new level as the timer still runs.
  • As with other games, the version received several changes years later, including:
    • Replacing Jacob Grahn related names and links to Jiggmin ones.
    • Patching the aformentioned right click glitch.
    • Removal of widescreen support.



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