The Game of Disorientation
The Game of Disorientation




Armor Games, BubbleBox, Kongregate, Newgrounds




Puzzle, Top-Down

Release Dates

2006-10-03 (N)

2006-12-08 (K)

2006-12-19 (BB)

2009-04-09 (AG)

The Game of Disorientation is an Adobe Flash top-down puzzle video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2006-10-03.

At the time, the game was Jiggmin's most successful project, receiving 250,000 views on Newgrounds and having the 38th highest score on the website within 2 weeks of release.[1]


The Game of Disorientation Gameplay

Players advance through levels as the camera spins, squeezes, and otherwise distorts the image.

The Game of Disorientation is a top-down game where players have to make it from one end of a level to the other without touching spike walls and clones among other obstacles.

As the player progresses, the camera increasingly spins around and stretches the level to trip them up by making it difficult to remember their direction and properly judge the true distance between them and objects. Levels do not have a time limit, although the game keeps track of how long it takes for a player to complete it for high scores.

Mobile Differences

The Game of Disorientation Mobile Gameplay

Mobile version of the first level.

A mobile version of the game was uploaded to Kongregate on 2010-05-12, with differences between it and the desktop version including:

  • No pre-loader.
  • The swirl on the title screen is absent and the letters no longer fly at the screen when they rotate.
  • Sound button moved to the bottom-left corner to prevent it from overlapping text.
  • Instructions are in Vrinda instead of Village Idiot BB.
  • Addition of arrow keys in the bottom-right corner.
  • Lower frame rate and the quality is automatically set on medium rather than high, with it switching to low whenever the screen zooms in or out.
  • The goal point is made of more simple, non-moving shapes.
  • Shiny clones lack detail and are only flashing colors now.


  • This is Jiggmin's most played game on Newgrounds, with over 616,000 views.[2]
  • It took Jiggmin six days to make the game.[3]
  • Jiggmin later posted a full version of the main theme on Newgrounds.[4]
  • The Armor Games version was released nearly two and a half years after others and includes added advertisements for the website, something that would carry over to all future releases of Jiggmin's games there.
  • An unknown bug popped up in May 2014 in the non-Armor Games and BubbleBox versions that prevents the player from advancing beyond level 1, with death causing conditions similar to the final level. Jiggmin speculated this might have been due to the file becoming corrupt or new versions of Flash breaking something, though he never fixed it.[5]
  • Various images fly past the screen during the final level, all of which are listed in below.




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