Platform Racing - Teleport

Platform Racing 3 - Teleport

Designer Jiggmin

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Power Teleport ahead a certain amount of blocks
Usage/Ammo Once
First Appearance Platform Racing (2007)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

Teleport is an item in the Platform Racing series that players can receive by hitting an Item block from underneath.


Once a user retrieves a Teleport, they can use to warp several blocks in front of them once, although they're forbidden to teleport inside other blocks. The amount of blocks they can warp varies by game, with each subsequent installment lowering it by one, beginning with five in the first and going to three by the third.


The item has a round shape, similar to the Speed Burst, Super Jump, and Lightning, with a orange and yellow glow inside it surrounding an image depicted its power to move the player to another spot in the first two games. The third installment instead opts to give the item a wormhole-type appearance, ditching the image altogether.

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