Team Jiggmin is the name given to groups that comprise of members from Jiggmin's community on various projects.

Folding at Home

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Folding at Home is a project aimed at discovering cures to various diseases where volunteers install a program that processes work units containing protein data that also award them and their team points. A team was announced by Jiggmin in August 2008 and formed on the 17th with the team number "143016".[1]

As of 2016-11-16, Team Jiggmin is ranked 93 out of 225,558 in total points, has had 25,958 contributors, completed 1,507,038 work units and folded 1,379,300,742 points.[2]


In November 2008, Jiggmin began offering prizes in Platform Racing 2 to players who folded a certain amount of points for the team. This is the only group to have official outside incentives, with the prizes and their required points being:

  • 1 - Rank token
  • 500 - Rank token
  • 1,000 - Rank token
  • 1,000,000 - Rank token
  • 10,000,000 - Rank token

Rank tokens were introduced in a 2013-01-14 Motley Monday update.[3] Prior to their creation, a "+3 rank" prize was given for reaching 1,000 points.[4] Players who received the "+3 rank" before its removal were automatically given 3 rank tokens in exchange.


Main article: FreeRice

FreeRice is a non-profit website where users answer questions from a variety of categories to donate grains of rice to those in need.

Although it received an official section on the forum, Jiggmin himself had no involvement in the team's formation and it is run by members. The group itself went through two incarnations, the first of which was created on 2011-07-26 before it was controversially deleted on September 30th.[5][6][7][8] The second and current one was set up later the same day.[9]

As of 2016-11-16, Team Jiggmin is ranked 31 on the website, has donated 33,940,070 grains of rice and had 444 contributors.[10][11]


WhatPulse is a more casual website where users download a program that tracks their number of keys pressed, clicks made and how much they've downloaded and uploaded by bytes.

The team was created on 2010-12-06 by a member and, unlike other groups, was unofficial as it lacked its own forum section and never received any acknowledgement from Jiggmin.

As of 2016-11-17, Team Jiggmin is ranked 42 out of 3,744 groups in total presses, has tracked 634,154,792 keys and 224,689,568 clicks, downloaded 41.93TB, uploaded 18.37TB and had 93 contributors.[12][13]