Platform Racing 2 - Super Flying Cowboy Mode New

Super Flying Cowboy Mode (also known as Super Flying Cowboy Hat Mode, commonly abbreviated SFCM and SFCHM) is a special mode in Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3 where all players are temporarily given Cowboy Hats that allow them to fly for the remainder of the match. Originally exclusive to the mode, the Cowboy Hat was later made permanently obtainable in Platform Racing 2 via Folding at Home.

Platform Racing 2



Platform Racing 2 - Super Flying Cowboy Mode Old

Original Super Flying Cowboy Mode course intro screen.

Super Flying Cowboy Mode was added to the game on 2008-06-14 as an unnamed mode, though due to a large amount of confusion among players, an intro screen announcing it in flashing colors along with Fred the Giant Cactus briefly flying on-screen wearing the hat was added two days later. [1][2][3]

At this point, Super Flying Cowboy Mode had a 5% chance of randomly occurring on non-campaign maps and could not be turned off.

Motley Monday Updates

Unlike Happy Hour, which remained relatively unaltered, Super Flying Cowboy Mode received extensive changes during Motley Monday. The first major being that it no longer occurs randomly as its chance was made adjustable for each level by their creator, though the default remains 5% and levels made before the feature's introduction retain that chance.

The intro screen also had multiple minor adjustments, including changing the font from Stencil Std to the series staple Gwibble and making it so the text no longer flashes between colors.

Platform Racing 3

The mode returns in Platform Racing 3 with the same function as a setable condition in levels, though it's turned off by default and must be enabled by the user. Similar to its initial introduction in Platform Racing 2, matches lack an intro screen indicating when the mode triggers.


  • This is the only mode to return in Platform Racing 3.