Star Wars Translations

The title screen.

Star Wars Translations is a flash file created by Jacob Grahn that was uploaded to Newgrounds on 2005-08-09. Aside from a disclaimer and the end page, the content was not written by Grahn himself and instead was taken from a blog.

The file contains various images showcasing humorous English translation errors found on a Chinese bootleg of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith along with captions commenting on them. This bootleg has since become well-known on the Internet and been dubbed by its mistranslated title: Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West. The copy was also the origin of the Internet meme, "Do not want".


The file opens with a simple page of black text on a white background. The top set of text that is separated from the bottom by five asterisks is a disclaimer written by Grahn stating that he did not personally create the images or comments, only creating it because he wanted it "to be seen by as many people as possible." with a now broken link to a re-creation of the original at the end. The file's Newgrounds description states the original was on a blog that had been shut down at the time, though it has since been restored.[1] The bottom set of text contains the blog's opening paragraphs.

Star Wars Translations 2

The famous "Do not want" line.

After pressing an arrow located in the bottom right corner, the viewer is taken to the first image, which showcases a mistranslation of the series' well-known "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." as "Long time ago in the faraway galaxy" despite the words being onscreen. A short, one sentence caption is located below each image, either commenting on the error, showing the original line, or just being humorous. Only one set of images and captions are displayed at a time, and viewers must continue clicking on the right arrow to see more, or the left arrow to go back.

Not every mistranslation mentioned in the blog is included, with only half of the 62 present. After reaching the final set, the viewer is taken to a simple final page with "end" inside a box and a broken caption by Grahn written underneath it replicating the character Yoda's speech pattern that says "captions there be, mangled they are."

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