Neverending Light - Sprite



Voiced By

Lani Minella

First Appearance

Neverending Light

Sprites are a species in Neverending Light that inhabit the Cablad Caverns. They are voiced by Lani Minella and have the appearance of a small ball illuminating a bright, yellow glow.

Besides Ned's kind, they are the only other species shown to be living in the Cablad Caverns, with their ability to fly allowing them to avoid being eaten. While they are only seen in the deep areas of the cavern in-game, their droppings can be found scattered throughout the entire cave, suggesting they may only retreat to it while tours are taking place, during the day or for other reasons.

They also have the ability to join together and fire a large, deadly white beam that can kill a golem with a single blast.

Role in Neverending Light

After D found a wire to connect the elevator to a back-up generator and escape in the Sprites' area, he became trapped between two of the monsters that attacked the tour earlier on a narrow, inescapable path. While they initially taunt him, the Sprites eventually join together and kill one of the creatures, allowing D to survive.

Players can also collect the species' droppings throughout the cavern, which are used to unlock bonuses at the end of the game.


As their stereotypical old-witch voice implies, the sprites are portrayed as crude, mocking D for his inability to fly away from the monsters waiting to eat him and choosing to kill one of them for him because "their mom is ugly". They're additionally shown to be tricky, initially only offering to save D if he gave them fifty dollars, before revealing they couldn't accept it anyway due to their lack of pockets.