Jiggmin's Village - Springforth Garden

Springforth Garden was a sub-forum on Jiggmin's Village that held more specific interest sections.

Infectious Obsessions

(Previously named Infectious Obsessions (Sports and Hobbies)[1]) An area where users could discuss sports and other hobbies, such as television and books. The section was created on 2013-09-11[2] after being voted on by the Shadow Council of Nine, although requests for it by members had dated back nearly a year.[3]

Melodious Meadow

Created on 2012-11-12 after frequent requests along side Turing Machines[4], members could discuss music here.

Artistry Orchard

A section added on 2010-09-17[5] where users post and discuss art related works and topics. This forum also housed music before Melodious Meadow's creation and was originally featured in Village Center before it and Turing Machines were added.[6]

Turing Machines

Created on 2012-11-12, Jiggmin added the section based on his own interests. Here, users can discuss and ask questions related to computer programming and computers in general.



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