Speed Burst

Platform Racing - Speed Burst

Platform Racing 2 - Speed Burst

Platform Racing 3 - Speed Burst

Designer Jiggmin

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Power Increases speed
Usage/Ammo Six seconds
First Appearance Platform Racing (2007)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

The Speed Burst is an item in the Platform Racing series that players can get by bumping an Item block.


Once players activate the Speed Burst, a green trail surrounds their avatar for the next six seconds while their speed is immensely raised, allowing for them to quickly catch up to other players or increase their lead.

While the item itself disappears after being activated in the original game, the sequels would have it remain until the burst runs out.


The first two games mostly kept the same appearance of the item, having a circular ball with a green glow around two arrows. The second game added a black-to-white gradient inside the arrows, but was otherwise identical.

Platform Racing 3 kept the circularly design, but opted for a yellow and blown ball with two, different styled green arrows instead. Despite the changes, it is the item that was most faithfully to its previous design in the game by keeping the arrows.

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