Rotate Block

Platform Racing 2 - Rotate Left Block

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Desert

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Industrial

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Jungle

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Underwater

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Space

Platform Racing 3 - Rotate 1 Classic

Designer Jiggmin

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Properties Rotates the map either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Safe? Yes
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2008)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

A rotate block is a block type in the Platform Racing series introduced in Platform Racing 2 that is comprised of 2 separate blocks.


Once bumped from below, the map will either be rotate clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left) depending on the block in Platform Racing 2. This is reversed in Platform Racing 3, so that right rotate blocks rotate the course counterclockwise and vice versa, although they keep their names. As these blocks are the only method to rotate the level, they inadvertently affect how several other blocks behave in PR2 after being used, such as how safety net blocks now trap users if a basic block is underneath it.

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