Rolley Ball
Rolley Ball




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Release Date

2007-01-11 (N)

2007-03-03 (K)

Rolley-Ball (stylized Rolley Ball on the title screen) is an Adobe Flash puzzle video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2007-01-11.


Rolley-Ball Gameplay

The sixth level "Panda!!". While colored yellow, blue, and red, players cannot touch blue, red, and yellow walls, respectively.

Rolley-Ball is a puzzle game where players control a ball with either the arrow keys or a mouse inside a board maze, with the primary objective being to escape, similarly to Labyrinth. The mouse controls are more spastic overall and the game doesn't attempt to refocus the board back to the center unlike arrow key mode, though players are given more points to compensate. After several levels, color station balls are introduced that allow the player to change their ball to either blue, yellow, or red, which let them to pass through walls of the same color at the cost of touching one of the other colors killing them.

Each level is also timed and the player receives a bonus at the end of every level for how quickly they complete it along with bonuses for their remaining lives and how many extra point pick-ups they collected.


  • The "Jemooky is a genius!!" message on the title screen is a reference to a member of the Brackenwood forum Jiggmin used to post on.[1]
    • "Ebert and Ropert" is also a reference to the hosts of the At the Movies television series.
  • The full sound effect for happy blocks in the Platform Racing series is heard in this game as the level completion sound.
  • Jiggmin entered the game in a competition and it tied for third place.[2]
  • This game was originally titled Super Rolley-Ball during development.[3]
  • This is the first game by Jiggmin not to feature widescreen support in any form.
  • "Rice Wine", a song in Beat Master 3000, is titled "Rolley" on Newgrounds, hinting that it was originally written for this game.[4]



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