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Red Earth II is an Adobe Flash top-down shooter video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2005-04-28.

Despite the original game's "to be continued" message, Jiggmin did not originally plan make a sequel to it.[1] However, its unexpected success and Armor Games holding a similarly themed contest a month later lead him to reconsider. Although its placement in the competition is unknown, the game impressed Armor Games enough to pay Jiggmin to create a larger, more expansive project.[2]


After being badly damaged sometime after the previous game's events, Bot002 is dropped near Bot001's location to retrieve the stolen ring and bring it to Mount Doom.


Red Earth II Gameplay

Bot002 battling a boss.

Players operate Bot002, a tank armed with a variety of weapons including a flamethrower and shield, and must locate the ring taken in the last game and escape while surviving enemy fire. Along the way players have to solve various puzzles to deactivate force fields, such as locating hidden keys and disabling generators. Several white spheres are also scattered throughout the map, which heal the player when absorbed.

Controls have been simplified compared to the previous installment, as all weapons and interactions use the mouse instead of having separate buttons, along with zooming in/out being removed. Players additionally have access to four new weapons, including standard bullets, which are more powerful albeit fire slower than those in the first game; a short-ranged flamethrower, a force field that can also trap enemies; and powerful white bombs that follow patterns drawn by the player. In addition to returning enemies, guard bots that act as bosses are scattered throughout the area for the player to defeat.


Enemy Name Attack
Red Earth - Floating Mine Floating Mine Explodes when touched.
Red Earth - Flying Blade Flying Blade Rotates and continuously flies at the player.
Red Earth - Magic Orc Magic Orc Launches yellow balls that home in on the player.
Red Earth II - Guard Bot Guard Bot Fires a single long-range red blast and 2 short-range blue cannon balls.
Red Earth II - Teleporter Teleporter Teleports away when approached.


  • Similarly, this game also features a "to be continued" message while never receiving a sequel, although one was planned.
  • Other differences between the original include:
    • Title is in Impact URW D Bold instead of Times New Roman Pro PS Bold.
    • Earth is shifted down-right on the title screen so its glow is slightly cut off.
    • Instructions, settings and the story are now on a single mandatory screen.
    • The ability to adjust music and sound effect volumes in-game.
  • The game received several changes when it was placed on, including updating Games of Gondor banners and links to its new Armor Games name as well as lowering the music's bitrates.



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