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Red Earth is an Adobe Flash top-down shooter video game developed by Jacob Grahn. Released on 2005-03-15, it was the first game Jiggmin finished and released publicly, though not his first attempt at one.[1]

Red Earth was created for a Lord of the Rings themed contest on Armor Games, where it received roughly 15th place.[2][3] The game is set thousands of years after the events of the series and reveals the ring's destruction was merely an illusion.


Centuries after it was thought to have scorched in the fires of Mount Doom, Sauron emerged from hiding and stole the ring after waiting for civilization to become too lazy and content with advancing technology to fight back. With it, he turned the Earth into a red wasteland before placing the ring under heavy protection to ensure nobody would find and take it from him again, but he failed.


Red Earth Gameplay

Bot001 shooting at a Magic Orc and Flying Blades next to a destroyed generator.

Controlling Bot001, a tank armed with a rapid firing turret and two cannons, players are placed in a large square-shaped field with the objective of retrieving the stolen ring by shutting off four generators powering a force field that surrounds it.

Each generator is powered differently and can be disabled in any order due to the game's nonlinear nature. As the ring is heavily guarded, players have to utilize their turret and cannons to shoot and destroy various enemies.


Enemy Name Attack
Red Earth - Floating Mine Floating Mine Explodes when touched.
Red Earth - Flying Blade Flying Blade Continually flies at the player while spinning.
Red Earth - Magic Orc Magic Orc Launches yellow balls that home in on the player.


  • Pressing the space bar originally sped the tank up rather than fire the cannons, which were split into 2 separate controls.[4]
  • An overheat limitation for the turret was considered, but scrapped due to its frequent usage.[5]
  • Options for players to define controls and making it so pressing "up" would have the tank follow the mouse were planned before being scrapped.[6] Both features would later be added in Kimblis the Blue.
  • While the default right click menu appears to be removed, it's possible to access by entering settings, causing multiple glitches.
    • Pressing "Play" in-game forces the "You are Dead." screen, though it's noticeably zoomed out. Other screens retain the reduced size until the user begins another game.
    • As the song starts the frame before players are sent to the main area, pressing "Back" at the game over screen returns them to the field with no music playing.
    • Pressing "Back" on the title screen starts another loop of the menu theme.
  • The game received several changes when it was added to, including:
    • Lowering the quality of both songs.
    • Updating the Games of Gondor banner to reflect the site's new name, though the link itself wasn't altered.
    • The red Earth is no longer on the settings screen, fixing color issues that caused hovered options to blend in.
    • In-game main menu button is now colored white instead of red and permanently located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
    • The map, health bar and banner placements are slightly shifted.
  • The game was overall more difficult in its initial release, though was made easier, along with the addition of a map, at the request of players.[7]



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