Platform Racing 2 Gameplay

Users racing in Platform Racing 2.

Races are the main game mode in Kongregate Racing, Platform Racing, Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3.


Platform Racing 2 - Race Icon

PR2 symbol.

Platform Racing 3 - Race Icon

PR3 symbol.

In Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3, the mode is indicated by an outline of a whistle with 3 lines coming out of it to show it's being blown. These lines are colored white in PR2 and blue in PR3. Although PR2 started out with only races, it used the symbol for every level from its release until other modes were added. Kongregate Racing and the original Platform Racing do not use any symbol on the lobby.

The PR2 symbol was additionally used in deathmatches for the first few months after it was added before it received its own on 2013-02-25.[1]


Platform Racing 3 Gameplay

Users racing in Platform Racing 3.

In races, players compete against each other to bump the finish block first. Items are normally available for racers to grab in order to give them an advantage over others, such as the Speed Burst greater increasing their speed for a short period of time. Certain hats may also help the player, including the Jump Start Hat, which allows users to skip the countdown and immediately get a 3 second head start.