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Racing, platformer

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2013-12-01 (Menu only)

Platform Racing 4 (also known as Platform Racing 4: Light Breakers and commonly abbreviated PR4) is a planned online multiplayer racing platformer video game to be developed by Jacob Grahn that is currently on-hold.


During Platform Racing 3 's development, multiple statements from Jiggmin and Sparkworkz hinted at it being the final game in the series, referring calling it "The cumulation of Platform Racing 1 and 2".[1][2] Despite that, Jiggmin began talking about a fourth installment in February 2012, first hinting about the project in the Creation chat.[3] It was confirmed he was considering the idea a few days later in a private message inquiring about Platform Racing 3's state.[4]

The first public acknowledgment coincided with Luna's announcement in March, where Jiggmin revealed that he planned to write "something with a 4 in it" in JavaScript and Luna would serve as test.[5] The game was officially confirmed to be Platform Racing 4 on June 20th and would be made after Luna 's completion.[6] Additional information wasn't revealed until December 18th when Jiggmin posted a video discussing a potential Capture the Overseer game mode and showing off new features in the level editor.

PR4 - Capture the Overseer

PR4 - Capture the Overseer

Soon after, Jiggmin announced that he also planned to use HTML5 so the game could run on mobile devices in addition to desktops in a Baking Games the Hard Way video description.[7] A forum section was eventually created for the game on 2013-08-14, along with one for a short-lived project titled Platform Racing Evermore.

A release date was revealed in early 2013 when Jiggmin posted a comment on a now deleted YouTube video saying it would be December 1st. Other word, besides scrapped Motley Monday updates, wasn't given until the aforementioned date when Jiggmin purchased 2 domains and released the main menu on both.[8] Initial plans involved releasing patches to the Beta Tester's Club over the next few weeks, however this never occurred and, outside of quietly releasing the menu theme, the game received no further updates. Both websites, along with the ones for Futurism, eventually shut down on 2014-06-21 unannounced.[9]

Official word on the game's fate wasn't given until the launch of Freegoose on 2015-09-09 when Jiggmin stated the project failed as "everything was too ambitious" and that he still planned to develop it, though not until his workload decreased.[10][11]


Similar to past entries, Platform Racing 4 would be an online racing game where players customize their avatar, race against others in user-made courses and create their own levels.

Of the few details given, levels were stated to load much faster than previous games overall, to the point where they may not even have to load at all, similarly to the first installment. The level editor would also receive new features, including real-time editing with other users in your guild along with a chat to talk to them. As such, users would likely no longer have to logout to use it. The game's physics, whether they'd be similar to Platform Racing 2 's, Platform Racing 3 's, a combination of both or have its own were never revealed. The subtitle, however, may hint that it would be similar, if not faster, than the second game's.


  • This is the only game in the Platform Racing series to have a subtitle.
  • Jiggmin stated that one of the reasons he made Creation was to see how possible it would be to have multiplayer level editing, a feature planned for PR4.[12]
  • This would be the first Platform Racing game to have native widescreen support and not be made with Adobe Flash.