Pre-release updates are sorted by the date they were published, while beta patches are listed by their build dates seen at the top right corner of each version. Exact details and changes are taken from archives.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26]


PR2 and PR3

- The game will run off a server design called Blossom.


PR3 Chat

- Should the chat be small and permanently attached to the lobby or be in its own separate area?



- Music selection has begun, started searching around Newgrounds.


Building a Better Color Picker

- Made a color picker that's a hybrid of a slider, a palette, and an eye dropper tool.


Workin' on a:

- New block editor is being worked on.


A Much Requested Feature

- Players now have the ability to set which items come out of each specific Item block.


Typing Words with Letters

- Added a text tool to the level editor.


- Level editor is officially released.

Platform Racing 3 Test Level - Leap of Faith01:14

Platform Racing 3 Test Level - Leap of Faith

- Campaign selection has started!


- Closed beta has begun; several people will be invited to test the game out so far.

- Fixed a lot of bugs, including one that wouldn't start players at start blocks.

- Fixed several performance issues.

- Addition of Impervious blocks.

Platform Racing 3 Impervious pt100:19

Platform Racing 3 Impervious pt1

- Teleport blocks now have a cool-down period to prevent players from getting trapped.

Platform Racing 3 - Teleport Block00:38

Platform Racing 3 - Teleport Block.avi


- Open beta released, anyone can now play with a SparkWorkz account.

- Typing "/report" in any chat room will report a log to the moderators.

Platform Racing 3 - Moderation01:01

Platform Racing 3 - Moderation.avi

- Players can now race their friends' ghosts in the Single Player Campaign.

Platform Racing 3 - New Single Player Campaign01:21

Platform Racing 3 - New Single Player Campaign.avi

- Setting the brush tool's size to 1 now makes it act like a pencil, allowing for more accurate and detailed designs.


- Lots of chat-based improvements:

-- "This room is brought to by:" message no longer shows up in the main chat.

-- Custom chat room notes will actually show up.

-- Users can type "/kick (username)" to kick non-moderators out of their chat room.

-- Your previous room selection is remembered after you return to the lobby from levels.

- Greatly improved performance issues.


- Finally have 50 campaign levels up, though some will be replaced.

- It is now possible to win the Winged Helmet hat by collecting all campaign medals.


- Body part's names are now listed in the Customize tab.

- Level of the Day feature added.

- Players are now given a 50% experience bonus upon winning prizes they already own.

- Several tweaks to how levels appear during hosting:

-- Level type is no longer labelled by name and instead by color; with blue being for races, red for deathmatches, green for hat attacks, and yellow for coin fiends.

-- Each type is also given a unique symbol.

-- The level's rating occupies the space where its type was listed.

- Patched the "Invalid" error that occurs when saving a block/level after SparkWorkz has logged you out.

- New hexadecimal color picker.

- Retry button added to campaign levels.

- Fred the Giant Cactus added to the error message screen.

- Players are now automatically taken to the Customize tab after ranking up.


- "<" and ">" naming issues with blocks has been fixed.

- A block stealing bug was patched.

- Scroll bar glitches were mostly fixed.

- Slight delay added in mine explosions to prevent someone from lagging the game.

- Private messages and Player Lists now have a different color scheme.

- A glitch that allowed swords to also break blocks below the user was partially patched.


- Pedro the Snail hat was released as a prize found randomly in levels.

- Due to past issues, levels in the Single Player Campaign are now frozen and can only be updated by contacting Jiggmin.

- Moderators can now set the Level of the Day.

- Prizes no longer show up at the beginning of a match.

- The "Level Complete!" screen now lists the level's name and its author at the top.


- Players can now have up to 8 users in a match at once.

- All blocks are loaded at once rather than individually, greatly improving load times.

- Players must now press "enter" to access the in-game chat, with the screen turning slightly darker when used as well.

- Extra line of blocks added in the custom block selection in the level editor.

- A glitch preventing the Evil Aliens from attacking has been patched.


- New Halloween set that players earn by logging in on Halloween.

- Prizes now appear at the start of the match again.

- A beta version of the Happy hat was accidentally released along side the Halloween set, but was quickly removed.

- Playing on older builds is no longer possible; trying to login results in an error message.


- New Thanksgiving set that players automatically earn by logging in on Thanksgiving.

- New autumn themed main menu.

-- Both the new and original menus are now available as level backgrounds.

- Pedro the Snail hat's description has been slightly altered to properly fit in the area.

- The screen now darkens slightly during "Loading..." and "Logging in..." messages.

- Gold medal time for "Newbs guide to Happy/Sad Blocks" has been raised.

- HTML can no longer be used in custom chat rooms.


- New winter themed main menu.

-- Winter background is also selectable in the level editor.

-- New lobby and level theme titled Holiday for Mr. Anderson.

- Santa hat and Reindeer set are automatically given to any player who logs in.

- Arrows have been added to the hosting lobby, allowing players to view more than 4 levels.

- There is slightly more space between heads and hats now.

- New penguin parts are randomly available in levels now.


- Snowflakes on the main menu no longer prevent users from clicking buttons.

- Players can wear 8 hats at once again.

- Certain body parts are no longer exclusive to game modes and can be won in any level type.

- Fixed a glitch that caused players to spawn on unsafe blocks after they touched them while wearing the Santa hat.


- Party hat was released and given to any player who logged in on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

- Players can now customize change blocks by choosing which blocks they can change into and how often.

- Players can also customize move blocks by creating their own path and how often they move.

- The autumn background returns and with new menu music.

- Removal of Holiday for Mr. Anderson from the song list.

- Friends and ignore lists show more than 6 pages.

Unreleased 12-31-10-1 Update

- Party hat's dots colors were going to be changeable.


- Party hat's dots colors are now changeable.

- Bouncy hat was released as a prize found randomly in levels.

-- Bouncy hat's placement was slightly shifted, and its color was made changeable.

- Playing the game on April Fools' Day now changes the player's hat to a fake Cowboy hat that doesn't do anything.


- Happy hat was released as a prize found randomly in the Level of the Day.

-- Happy hat's angle slightly adjusted and its feather color was made changeable.


- Shark Fin Hat was released as a prize found randomly in the Level of the Day.

-- Shark Fin Hat's eye color is now changeable.

- The Bouncy, Happy, and Pedro the Snail Hats can now only be found in the Level of the Day rather than of any level.

- Prizes no longer show up at the beginning of the level again.

Unreleased 09-20-11-1 Update

Despite these build updates not being public, server related changes were released, including making the listed hats obtainable in the Level of the Day as well as the Party hat.

- Parasol hat's final design was added and players can now change one of part's colors.

- Top hat's ribbon color is now changeable.

- Pirate hat's feather color can be changed.

- Nurse hat's cross color is now editable.



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