The following is a list of all hats in Platform Racing 3 in order of release, with unreleased ones at the end.


Hat Name Description Obtainability Release Date
Platform Racing 3 - Cardboard Box Hat Cardboard Box Hat It doesn't do a thing, but you can imagine it does! Receive 3 gold medals in the campaign. 2010-07-08
Platform Racing 3 - Mining Hat Mining Helmet Speeds up crawling and increases acceleration by 5. Receive 15 gold medals in the campaign.
Platform Racing 3 - Aviator Cap Aviator Cap Super jumps charge faster and increases jump height by 5. Receive 30 gold medals in the campaign.
Platform Racing 3 - Winged Helmet Winged Helmet Lengthens Speed Bursts and increases speed by 5. Receive 50 gold medals in the campaign. 2010-07-29[1]
Platform Racing 3 - Pedro the Snail Pedro the Snail Stealing it from another player causes your stats to be cut in half. Randomly in the Level of the Day. 2010-09-21[2]
Platform Racing 3 - Santa Hat Santa Hat Every block the player stands on turns to ice. Log in between December 16th and the 25th. 2010-12-16[3]
Platform Racing 3 - Party Hat Party Hat Protects from Lightning.
  1. Log in on New Year's Eve/Day
  2. Randomly in the Level of the Day.
Platform Racing 3 - Bouncy Hat Bouncy Hat Makes the user bouncy. Randomly in the Level of the Day. 2011-04-01[5]
Platform Racing 3 - Happy Hat Happy Hat Boosts stats by 3. 2011-04-24[6]
Platform Racing 3 - Shark Fin Hat Shark Fin Hat Greatly speeds up swimming. 2011-05-20[7]
Platform Racing 3 - Nurse Hat Nurse Hat Recover quicker when hurt. 2011-09-20
Platform Racing 3 - Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Use Swords in both directions.
Platform Racing 3 - Parasol Hat Parasol Hat Hold the up key to fall slower.
Platform Racing 3 - Top Hat Top Hat Pass through vanish and crumble blocks.
Platform Racing 3 - Baseball Cap Baseball Cap Increases experience points earned by 50%. NA Unreleased
Platform Racing 3 - Propeller Hat Propeller Hat Super jumps glide higher.
Platform Racing 3 - Crown Hat Crown Hat Protects user from an attack, then falls off.
Platform Racing 3 - Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat Fly with extremely high stats.


  • The Propeller Hat is the only returning hat to have its ability be completely altered.
  • All hats that have an official name not ending in "hat" do have a version with it listed elsewhere:
    • Mining Helmet - Acceleration Hat[8]
    • Aviator Cap - Jump Hat[8]
    • Winged Helmet - Speed Hat[8]
    • Pedro the Snail - Prank Hat[9]
    • Baseball Cap - EXP Hat
  • The Pirate Hat was announced on 2010-08-05, over a year before its release.[10]
  • Rough sketches of the Top, Happy and Parasol Hats were included in early builds before their final designs were drawn. As the final build was never published, however, the finished Parasol Hat was never used.
  • The Top Hat was ported to Platform Racing 2 and released several months before it was in PR3.


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