This article contains a list of oversight, bugs and glitches that are or were present in Platform Racing 3 sorted alphabetically. None of these have been given official names by Jiggmin or Sparkworkz and are known by multiple fan-given terms.

Change Song In-game

While the option for players to change the selected song for a level in-match from Platform Racing 2 appears to be removed, it exists, although not selectable by normal means. It's possible to use by pressing the tab key several times until the highlighted area goes offscreen and then pressing the spacebar.

How to change music in a PR3 lvl

How to change music in a PR3 lvl

Clone Bug

Sometimes when a user would hit the side of a block while moving in early builds, a clone of their avatar would appear and follow their movements for the remainder of the match.

Platform Racing 3 Beta - Clone Bug

Platform Racing 3 Beta - Clone Bug

Go Through Blocks Glitch

Similar to the "Fly Through Blocks" glitch in the last game, this bug allowed players to pass through solid blocks if they wore a Cowboy Hat and flew upwards once their avatar's head passed through one of the bottom corners. This was patched in the 06-14-01 build so that while still possible to pass through corners, they can no longer fly upwards.

Edit Level While Testing

If a user bumps a custom finish block whose bump and bottom properties are both set to finish while in the level editor, they can press test and be able to edit their level while playing on it.

Platform racing 3- Edit while playing

Platform racing 3- Edit while playing

Explosion Lag

Prior to the 07-28-10-1 build, if "up" or W was held while crawling underneath an impervious mine block, the mine would explode every frame and cause severe lag for all players on the map. This was later changed so that they could not explode while a player is stunned.

Infinite Pop-ups

A returning glitch from Platform Racing 2. While it is no longer possible on the lobby, continually clicking on a player's username on the in-game chat will cause more than one profile page to open up, potentially allowing them to open an endless amount of windows.

Jump Through Opening Glitch

Another glitch returning from Platform Racing 2. Normally players can not pass through gaps that are one block above the ground with another block right above and beside it. If they time a jump correctly, however, their upper body will pass through the above blocks and they can land in the gap.

Level Within a Level

An oversight allows players to click "View Levels" on a user's profile while in a match, start one of their maps and have it draw over the level they're currently in. However, as the game thinks they're already in a course, their avatar doesn't appear after the countdown, forcing them to forfeit and return to the lobby.

Move Block Bug

Unlike in the previous game, move blocks can move into spots where a player is already in, allowing them to walk right through it.

Portable Block Glitch

If a player places a portable block in their spot while sticking to up arrows and next to a line of other blocks, they can pass right through them.

Pirate Hat Bug

Unlike most hats, players can still use the Pirate Hat's ability even after it falls off their head until they return to the lobby.

Real Fake Cowboy

If users are playing on (or change their computer's date to) April Fools' day, their hat will be swapped out with a fake Cowboy Hat that provides no ability. However, if the hat is knocked off and picked back up in the single player campaign or level editor, players are accidentally given a real Cowboy Hat, allowing them to finish campaign levels with an extremely low time. This oversight was caused by Jiggmin only testing the hat in multiplayer levels.

Pr3 Cowboy hat glitch (Campaign)

Pr3 Cowboy hat glitch (Campaign)

Recon Ghost

Placing a water block underneath a finish block and bumping it while in the level editor caused a ghost of the player's avatar to remain in that spot until they loaded a new level. This glitch was patched in the 06-14-10-1 build.

Best PR3 Glitch Ever

Best PR3 Glitch Ever

Retry Bug

If the player presses the retry button in the single player campaign as soon as they place a mine or portable block, it will still spawn after they restart as the level itself doesn't reload.

Platform racing 3 PR3 Glitch

Platform racing 3 PR3 Glitch

Start Block Bug

Placing a start block of any kind would sometimes not function and the player would spawn as if there wasn't one on the course. This bug was patched in the 06-14-10-01 build.

Super Jump Glitch

If players released a charged super jump and pressed "up" at the exact same moment, their super jump would make them fly nearly 3 times higher in the air than normal. While this was partially patched in the 7-28-10-1 build, it is still possible to pull off by substituting the normal jump with a Super Jump item.

Platform Racing 3 Super Jump Glitch

Platform Racing 3 Super Jump Glitch

Undeletable Change Blocks

Removing a change block in the level editor originally didn't do anything, as it would immediately spawn back. This was fixed in the 06-14-10-01 build.