This article contains lists of various body parts obtainable in Platform Racing 3. Apart from campaign and seasonal sets, which are ordered by required medals and release dates respectively, all lists are sorted alphabetically.


All players start the game with these sets and don't need to unlock them.

Set Name
Platform Racing 3 - Alien Set Alien
Platform Racing 3 - Bigfoot Set Bigfoot
Platform Racing 3 - Bird Set Bird


These parts are earned by collecting a certain amount of gold medals in the campaign.

Set Name Gold Medals Release Date
Platform Racing 3 - Whale Set Whale

Feet: 5

Body: 8

Head: 12

Platform Racing 3 - Viking Set Viking

Feet: 18

Body: 23

Head: 28

Platform Racing 3 - Bosh Set Bosh

Feet: 35

Body: 40

Head: 45



Parts found as random prizes in levels. Unlike PR2 where prizes are frequent and show up even when playing alone, they are far more rare. If any player's average match time for their current session is below 2 minutes, none will show up at all.

These were released with the closed beta minus the penguin set, which came out with the 12-16-10-1 build. Prior to the aformentioned build, sets also used to be exclusive to certain game modes.[1][2]

Set Name
Platform Racing 3 - Brain Set Brain
Platform Racing 3 - Cactus Set Cactus
Platform Racing 3 - Cthulhu Set Cthulhu
Platform Racing 3 - Dino Set Dino
Platform Racing 3 - Eye Set Eye
Platform Racing 3 - Hare Set Hare
Platform Racing 3 - Monster Set Monster
Platform Racing 3 - Mushroom Set Mushroom
Platform Racing 3 - Panda Set Panda
Platform Racing 3 - Penguin Set Penguin
Platform Racing 3 - Platypus Set Platypus
Platform Racing 3 - Robot Set Robot
Platform Racing 3 - Skeleton Set Skeleton
Platform Racing 3 - Spartan Set Spartan
Platform Racing 3 - Tiki Set Tiki
Platform Racing 3 - Tortoise Set Tortoise


These are parts that are automatically given to any players who log in around certain holidays.

Set Name Dates Release Date
Platform Racing 3 - Ghost Set Ghost October 26-31. 2010-10-26
Platform Racing 3 - Turkey & Cranberry Set Cranberry/Turkey Thanksgiving or any of the 3 days prior. 2010-11-22
Platform Racing 3 - Reindeer Set Reindeer December 16-25. 2010-12-16


These are sets that are, for unknown reasons, unobtainable in any form.

Set Name
Platform Racing 3 - Donkey Set Donkey


  • The unreleased Donkey set is only in the game's iPhone app files, not being the desktop version at all. As such, nobody officially has the parts, including Jiggmin.
  • The Viking and Whale sets were originally random prizes during the closed beta. The Bosh parts were unobtainable altogether until the open beta, though an unknown user named "happynotemo" had them.[3]
  • The Turkey and Cranberry set is the only one to have two differently named parts in it.
  • An early sketch of the Happy Hat was accidentally given out with Ghost sets for a very brief period after it was released, though this was quickly corrected and removed from all player's inventories once discovered.
  • This is the only game in the series to not have the original Platform Racing 1 parts in any form.
  • The Bosh set is based off the character featured in Line Rider.