Platform Racing 3

PR3 old

Platform Racing 3 - Thanksgiving Background

Platform Racing 3 - Christmas Background

Developers Jiggmin, Sparkworkz
Publishers Sparkworkz
Rating T
Genres Racing, platformer
Release Date 2010-06-14 (Closed Beta)

2010-07-08 (Open Beta)

Platform Racing 3 (commonly abbreviated PR3) is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer platformer racing video game developed by Jacob Grahn and Sparkworkz that was released on 2010-07-08.

Due to internal issues at Sparkworkz, the game was never completed or released on other websites as planned. Despite its limited release and very little advertising, the game was able to amass over 13 million plays by May 2011[1], slightly over half of what its predecessor had on Kongregate at the time.[2]

Initially planned to be the final installment in the series[3][4], Jiggmin has since stated he hopes to create a fourth entry at an unknown point.[5][6]

Pre-Release History

Speculation about a third Platform Racing game began several months after the second's release. Jiggmin eventually confirmed that he was working on a sequel in a post dated 2008-10-27 on his website listing multiple planned features that didn't make it into the final game.[7] Further information wasn't given until next year when Jiggmin began posting that the game would: "be out by the end of [2009]."[8], though he claimed the estimate wasn't realistic. Several blogs were posted over the course of the year largely relating to design aspects[9][10][11][12][13], though specific details were generally avoided and kept secret.[14]

On 2010-03-22, inXile Entertainment officially announced via a press release that they had partnered with Jiggmin to develop the game, with the company's CEO, Brian Fargo, stating: "Jacob definitely did something right with Platform Racing 1 and 2, and we wanted him to see his entire vision through with Platform Racing 3."[15] The company's webgaming division, Sparkworkz, was later revealed to be tasked with the game's graphics and UI, while Grahn would work on the code. Jiggmin himself confirmed the news a day later in a blog post leading to the website's homepage.[16][17] Several teaser screenshots showcasing the game's art style, new items, and level editor were posted on the next day, which were met with positive reception among fans.[18]

While a set release date wasn't revealed yet, Jiggmin began announcing more specific new features around the same period, including heavily requested ones such as a block editor and text tool.[19][20][21]

Following a sudden announcement/countdown thread[22] on Jiggmin's forum where several celebratory photos were posted[23][24][25], the game's level and block editor were released on 2010-06-02. A contest was also announced on the same day where players could possibly get their level on the single-player campaign that would end on the 24th.[26][27] In-between that time, several users were invited to test the closed beta of the full game to work possible server issues out before the public release.


Platform Racing 3 Gameplay

Users racing in a sky-themed custom level.

Platform Racing 3 is an online racing game where players create their own customizable avatar and compete against each other in user--generated levels. Items are available for players to grab by bumping an item block that can be used to give themselves an advantage over others, including returning ones like the Speed Burst and Lightning, as well as new items such as the Rocket Launcher and Shield. After completing each match, players are awarded experience points that are used to rank up and gain stat points for their character to enhance their speed, traction, and jump height. Prizes such as body parts and hats have a chance of occasionally popping-up in matches as well and are awarded to the winner. Users are able to communicate with each other using the same tools that return largely unchanged from the previous title, with the notable addition that they can now share custom blocks and levels, along with race a ghost of a player on their friend's list in the Single-player Campaign.

While past entries were limited to only racing, three new game modes are available for players to center their level around: deathmatches, where users fight each other until only one remains; hat attacks, where players compete to grab every hat on the map first; and coin fiends, a timed match where users attempt to grab the most coins by breaking blocks. Gameplay is overall slower paced than the previous installment to accommodate these modes, although still considerably faster than the first. To compensate, players have slightly more control over their character's movement and can pass obstacles requiring more precise movements easier.

Platform Racing 3 Level Editor

The level editor, with various, placeable blocks shown.

The level editor from Platform Racing 2 returns with numerous improvements and new features. In addition to all blocks from the last title returning (at the time of the game's release), several new blocks have been created, including the teleport and change blocks. Multiple designs for blocks are also included to match new pre-drawn backgrounds, including classic ones from prior games.

Drawing layers have received an overhaul, with users now being able to create an unlimited amount of their own with custom depth and transparency amounts. Stamps also return and a new text tool, which would later be added to Platform Racing 2 as well, allows players to type out words rather than write them. Clicking on settings lets players set the map's game mode from any of the aforementioned options, song, allowed items, and percentage chance of certain events triggering, such as Super Flying Cowboy Hat Mode and snow among others. Players can test their level at any time by clicking the button in the top-right corner, where they can have any stat. Their course can be saved at any moment as long as they're logged in, but they must check "publish" for other players to see it in the lobby. As in the last game, maps are rated using a 1-5 star system, with courses having the highest score by number of ratings being featured on either "Best" or "Best Today" depending on when they were published.

Platform Racing 3 - Block Editor

The block editor.

The game also introduces a block editor that allows players to create their own custom blocks to fit any of the available block types. The editor includes the same drawing tools as the ones in the level editor, sans backgrounds, enabling artists to create a variety of unique designs. To minimize the chance of issues, blocks that are deleted won't be automatically removed from levels their used in, instead being replaced by a generic safe block with a red x in it indicating an error.

In addition to being able to simply set the block's type, some let the user set different characteristics for each side, such as one giving the player an item from the left while exploding from the top. The editor is also home to its own exclusive types "impervious" and "hurt". Impervious blocks can not be destroyed in any way, while hurt blocks simply stun the player whenever they're touched without exploding. Users have more control over a few existing block types while in the editor as well, including being able to set specific patterns for change and move blocks, along with which items can come out of one item block.


See also: Platform Racing 3/Hats

See also: Platform Racing 3/Body Parts

As in the last game, players are able to style their avatar using a variety of different body parts and hats. While all hats created in Platform Racing 2 at the time of the game's release return with new appearances, no past sets were brought back, instead featuring entirely new ones for users to collect.


See also: Platform Racing 3/Blocks


All items available in the previous installments at the time of the game's release return again, though most have seen massive design overhauls to match the updated graphics. In addition, 5 new items have been added.

Item Name Ability Uses
Platform Racing 3 - Angel Wings Angel's Wings Gives the player a pair of wings, which cover both vertical and horizontal distance. 3
Platform Racing 3 - Black Hole Black Hole Draws other players into it. 1 (lasts 10 seconds)
Platform Racing 3 - Jetpack Jetpack Allows the user to fly for a short period. Lasts 6.5 seconds if used at once
Platform Racing 3 - Laser Gun Laser Gun Fire long-ranged lasers. 3
Platform Racing 3 - Lightning Lightning Zap/stun everyone else on the course. 1
Platform Racing 3 - Portable Block Portable Block Placeable block that shatters if hit too hard. 1
Platform Racing 3 - Portable Mine Portable Mine Placeable mine that explodes when touched. 1
Platform Racing 3 - Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Launches a rocket that can destroy blocks. 1
Platform Racing 3 - Shield Shield Protects the player for a brief time. Lasts 10 seconds
Platform Racing 3 - Speed Burst Speed Burst Doubles the user's speed for a short time. Lasts 6 seconds
Platform Racing 3 - Super Jump Super Jump Portable super jump that can be used anywhere. 1
Platform Racing 3 - Sword Sword Short-range sword that can be used to slash others. 3
Platform Racing 3 - Teleport Teleport Teleports the user three blocks in front of them. 1


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Shut Down

On 2015-02-03, inXile Entertainment closed their Sparkworkz division and most of its games unannounced, including Platform Racing 3.[28] Visiting the website now redirects the user to a page explaining their decision to shut down and that some of their games would be moving elsewhere soon. Jiggmin himself never made an official statement about his thoughts on the shut down and hasn't expressed interest in setting up servers of his own.

A fan project emerged a few months later on 2015-08-18, however, titled Platform Racing 3: Reborn that lead to the game being revived through a private server and receiving multiple, unofficial updates.[29]

Unused Content

Main article: Unused_Content#Platform_Racing_3

Given its sudden halt in development, Platform Racing 3 has a large number of unfinished features/graphics in the 5-20-11-1 build and iPhone app that ended up going unused, especially compared to other games developed by Jiggmin.


Platform Racing 3 was a nominee for "Best Multiplayer Game" at the 2011 Flash Gaming Summit awards,[30] though it didn't receive enough votes to reach the top 3 choices.[31]


  • While commonly believed that Sparkworkz was always going to be the sole hoster of the game, the company originally stated that they at least had plans to release the game on Kongregate once it was out of beta.[32] Given they additionally posted games on Newgrounds and Armor Games at the time, it can be inferred it would've been uploaded there as well.
Platform Racing 3 - iPhone App Icon

PR3's app icon.

  • Despite the official game shutting down, it was revealed that Jiggmin still has access to all data related to it.[33]
  • This is the only one of Jiggmin's games to receive an official iPhone app. However, it was negatively received and removed from the app store in December 2011.[34]
  • The Speed Burst is the only returning item to retain an element from its previous design, in this case its two arrows.
  • Not counting the unmade fourth installment, this is the only Platform Racing game to:
    • Be a collaboration.
    • Have a single-player campaign.
    • Not use Gwibble for the title's font.
    • Have the "EXP Bonus" stat.
    • Not feature the player's currently held item in a corner of the screen.
    • Be officially exclusive to one website.
    • Not feature a moving background on the title screen.
      • Have multiple main menu backgrounds.
    • Have a block editor.
    • Not have the original Platform Racing 1 body parts in any form.
    • Have the in-game music start after a level's countdown instead of while it's drawing.
    • Lack idle animations for avatars.
    • Have matches be hosted by players.
    • Not have set rank requirements to play certain levels.


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