This article contains a list of items usable in Platform Racing 2 sorted alphabetically.


Item Name Ability Uses
Platform Racing 2 - Ice Wave Ice Wave Briefly freezes blocks and players. Three
Platform Racing - Jetpack Jetpack Allows the user to fly for a brief time. Lasts 6.5 seconds if used at once
Platform Racing - Laser Gun Laser Gun Fire long-ranged lasers. Three
Platform Racing - Lightning Lightning Zaps other players on the map. One
Platform Racing 2 - Mine Mine Places a mine that explodes when touched. One
Platform Racing 2 - Speed Burst Speed Burst Makes the user faster for a brief period. Lasts 6 seconds
Platform Racing 2 - Super Jump Super Jump Portable super jump that can be used anywhere. One
Platform Racing 2 - Sword Sword Short-range sword that can slash others. Three
Platform Racing - Teleport Teleport Teleports the user four blocks in front of them. One


  • The Ice Wave was chosen by players via a Motley Monday poll over the Triple Bow by ten votes.[1] The Triple Bow would've allowed players to fire three arrows at once, with their distance depending on how long they charged their shot by holding down the space bar.[2]
Platform Racing 2 - Triple Bow
  • The Ice Wave also had an entirely different design when it was first shown.
Platform Racing 2 - Beta Ice Wave
  • Every item from Platform Racing returns with, apart from the Mine, only minor design differences.



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