This article contains a list of every hat in Platform Racing 2 ordered by release date.


Hat Name Description Obtainability Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - EXP Hat EXP Hat Doubles experience points earned in matches. Random prize in levels with 2-4 players. 2008-03-??
Platform Racing 2 - Kong Hat Kong Hat Gives 25% more experience points. Login to Platform Racing 2 on Kongregate. 2008-05-02
Platform Racing 2 - Propeller Hat Propeller Hat Hold the up key to fall slower. Beat "Hat Factory" by Jiggmin or "Volcanic Inferno" by Pounce 2008-05-13[1]
Platform Racing 2 - Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat Fly! Fold 100,000 points in Folding at Home. 2008-06-14[2]
Platform Racing 2 - Crown Hat Crown Hat Immune to Swords, Mines and Laser Guns. Falls off in deathmatches after one use. Fold 5,000 points in Folding at Home or become a moderator. 2008-06-14[3]
Platform Racing 2 - Santa Hat Santa Hat Temporarily freezes every block the player stands on.
  1. Log in on Christmas Eve/Day 
  2. Randomly in a level with 2-4 users.
Platform Racing 2 - Party Hat Party Hat Grants immunity to Lightning.
  1. Log in on New Year's Eve/Day 
  2. Randomly in levels with 2-4 players.
Platform Racing 2 - Top Hat Top Hat Pass through vanish blocks. Beat "The Golden Compass" by -Shadowfax- 2011-04-17
Platform Racing 2 - Jump Start Hat Jump Start Hat Start before the countdown finishes and gives 1/3 of a Speed Burst when picked up. Random prize in levels during a Happy Hour. 2012-01-30
Platform Racing 2 - Moon Hat Moon Hat

Awards Lux when completing levels in over 90 seconds. (2012-18)

Doubles guild points.

Beat "Redemption" by cooldude90 2012-07-14
Platform Racing 2 - Thief Hat Thief Hat Picking it up switches hats with a random player. Beat "Apocalypse" by Divinity 2012-11-29[6]
Platform Racing 2 - Jigg Hat Jigg Hat Bounce on another player's head. Play "Buto (EXACT)" by ZePHiR, wait here until the clock reads 0:42, then the hat will fall into the pit. Grab it and complete the level.Platform Racing 2 - Jigg Hat Location 2013-02-05
Platform Racing 2 - Artifact Artifact Reverses controls, gives a Speed Burst, changes the timer to 30 seconds and starts the "We are Loud" song. Finishing with it awards, at most, 50,000 experience points. Found in a level selected by the staff that changes every so often. Can't be won. 2013-02-14


  • Before the Propeller Hat was created, Hat Factory's original prize was the EXP Hat, which was simply called "Hat" at the time.[7]
Platform Racing 2 - Original EXP Hat
  • The EXP and Kong hats had different designs initially. The EXP's was updated when PR2 was released on Kongregate, while Kong's was changed when the Cowboy and Crown hats were added.
Platform Racing 2 - Original Kong Hat
Platform Racing 2 - Beta EXP Hat
  • The Crown and Cowboy Hats weren't available as Folding at Home prizes until November 2008, being exclusive to moderators and their mode, respectively, until then.
  • While the Santa Hat was made a random prize right after release,[8] the Party Hat wouldn't receive the same treatment until April.[9]
  • When asked if there would be another hat after the Top Hat in a livestream, Jiggmin stated that it would likely be the Aviator Cap from Platform Racing 3, though this was eventually scrapped.[10]
  • The Top Hat was originally given out to users directly from Jiggmin if they sent him an email and he read it on his livestream or had "an awesome level".[11] Jiggmin announced on 2011-06-24 that the hat would soon be winnable in "the ultimate Platform Racing 2 level".[12] A thread was created where users could suggest courses,[13] with "The Golden Compass" by -Shadowfax- being chosen on 2011-09-04.[14]
    • Jiggmin also planned to have multiple levels give out the hat, though this was abandoned.
  • Due to a sizing error, the Moon Hat partially covers the close button on its pop-up screen. Jiggmin was informed of the issue, though justified it by saying "it's just that cool."
Platform Racing 2 - Moon Hat Size
  • The Jump Start Hat was announced as an unnamed prize for every player on 2011-06-24 if Jiggmin's Folding at Home team could break into the top 100.[15] The hat's name and ability were revealed on 2012-01-19 once it reached rank 105[16][17], with it being released on 2012-01-30 and given to anyone who logged in.[18] This was changed, however, on 2012-05-02 when Happy Hours were introduced, where it was made a random prize exclusive to the mode.[19]
  • The Jump Start Hat originally gave a full Speed Burst as seen in its announcement video.[20]
    • It also didn't give a Speed Burst at the start of levels, though this was altered during Motley Monday.
  • Jiggmin originally planned for accounts that were two years or older to automatically receive the Top Hat, though this was scrapped when it came to light that the database keeping track of join dates was broken.[21]
    • Instead the hat was briefly given to members whose rank met certain, strict requirements that were never publicly revealed.
  • The Santa Hat originally didn't freeze vanish, crumble, arrow, push and brick blocks, though this was altered when the Ice Wave was added.
  • The Jigg Hat was a Motley Monday idea posted by Tommy 8 on Jiggmin's forum on 2012-12-15.[22] Jiggmin all but confirmed it would be added by posting in the thread asking for a course that combines all Platform Racing levels one day before its announcement.[23]
    • The exact level was initially a secret, with Fred the Giant Cactus creating a course titled "Tresure Map" that required a password pertaining to a typo in Newbieland 2 to play. This course gave multiple hints to the hat's location, being a copy of Buto, placing a "the answer to life, the universe and everything" hint between two pyramids, falling down which lead to the map's ID number.
  • While never officially given out, it is possible to keep an Artifact as a hat, though it doesn't grant extra experience.


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