The following is a list of body parts available in Platform Racing 2 that players can obtain sorted by release order. Parts are earned in a multitude of ways and are split up for easy location.


Every user begins the game with these sets. As they have no name in-game, their names are taken directly from the code.[1][2][3]

Set Name Extra Information Release Date
Platform Racing - Classic Set Classic Original parts from Platform Racing. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 2

Head: Tired

Body: Strap

Feet: Heel

Default 2. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 3

Head: Smiler

Body: Dress

Feet: Loafer

Head alternatively named "Smiling".[4] 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 4

Head: Flower

Body: Pec

Feet: Soccer

Default 4. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 5

Head: Classic Girl

Body: Gut

Feet: Magnet

Head alternatively named "Lady".[5] 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 6

Head: Goof

Body: Collar

Feet: Tiny

Default 6. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 7

Head: Downer

Body: Miss PR2

Feet: Sandal

Default 7. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 8

Head: Balloon

Body: Belt

Feet: Bare

Default 8. 2008-02-15
Platform Racing 2 - Default Set 9

Head: Worm

Body: Snake

Feet: Nice

Default 9. 2008-02-15


Parts that can be found in campaign levels when playing with three other users.

Part/Set Name Level(s) Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - Unicorn Head Unicorn Head Newbieland 2 2008-0?-??
Platform Racing 2 - Cool Sun Head Cool Sun Head Mario Bros remix v.1.3(time attack) 2008-0?-??
Platform Racing 2 - Helmet Head Helmet Head Soul Temple 2008-0?-??
Platform Racing 2 - Giant Bird Set Giant Bird

Head: razor blade

Body: Its New York!

Feet: Blacklight

Platform Racing 2 - Candy Head Candy Head Candyland 2008-0?-??
Platform Racing 2 - Bee Body Bee Body Zerostar(¬¬) 2008-0?-??
Platform Racing 2 - Cat Set Cat

Head: Mario Bros Speed

Body: Urban Race

Feet: Newby Train

Platform Racing 2 - Elephant Set Elephant

Head: Speed Meadow

Body: Blacklight 2

Feet: Mf's, Fantasy Race

Platform Racing 2 - Car Set Car

Body: Lightspeed 2

Feet: Storm

Platform Racing 2 - Astronaut Set Astronaut

Head: First Frontier

Body: Malfunction

Feet: Luna Temple V3

Platform Racing 2 - Alien Set Alien

Head: Evacuation

Body: 3301

Feet: Spaceflight

Platform Racing 2 - Galaxy Set Galaxy

Body: Solar Flare

Feet: Airox

Platform Racing 2 - Dino Set Dino

Head: The Stone Age

Body: Cretaceous Race

Feet: Chromium

Platform Racing 2 - Fairy Set Fairy

Head: Under Fire

Body: Gold Rush

Feet: -Flummox-

Platform Racing 2 - Armor Set Armor

Body: Smog

Feet: ~Cavernous~



These parts are randomly found in any course and don't require other players in order to get.

Part/Set Name Extra Information Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - Invisible Set Invisible Partially invisible classic parts. 2008-05-07
Platform Racing 2 - Basketball Head Basketball Head Originally the only random prize not in a set. 2008-05-07
Platform Racing 2 - Stick Set Stick Last parts added for 3 years. 2008-05-07
Platform Racing 2 - Armor Head Armor Head Brought over from War of the Web. 2012-11-29
Platform Racing 2 - Gingerbread Set Gingerbread Suggested by alex:). 2012-12-24
Platform Racing 2 - Sir Set Sir Suggested by Spectre. 2013-04-30
Platform Racing 2 - Taco Set Taco Suggested by Tacchi. 2013-07-01


Sets that are automatically awarded to players who login either on a certain date or through another requirement.

Set Name Extra Information Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - Ant Set Ant Log in while signed into your Kongregate account.

Parts taken from War of the Web.

Platform Racing 2 - Santa Set Santa Log in on Christmas Eve/Day. 2013-12-24
Platform Racing 2 - Valentine Set Valentine Log in on Valentine's Eve/Day. 2014-02-14
Platform Racing 2 - Bunny Set Bunny Log in on April 20th (Easter 2014). 2014-04-20

Vault of Magics

Sets that can be purchased in the Vault of Magics.

Set Name Price (Kreds)/Extra Information Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - King Set Wise King 30K 2013-05-16
Platform Racing 2 - Queen Set Wise Queen 30K 2013-05-16
Platform Racing 2 - Fred Set Fred 20K (Only counts as a body and is temporary.) 2013-05-16
Platform Racing 2 - Very Invisible Set Very Invisible 10K (can only keep temporarily.) 2013-05-16
Platform Racing 2 - Frost Djinn Set Frost Djinn 50K (Body and feet made of Speed Burst trails.) 2013-12-18


These are sets that are earned in a unique way different from other body parts.

Set Name Extra Information Release Date
Platform Racing 2 - Bubble Set Bubble Awarded to the first person who finds the Artifact.

Could also formerly be won through these contents:

Hero of the Week

Level of the Week

Painter of the Week

Head: 2013-03-??

Body: 2012-08-11

Feet: 2013-05-??

Platform Racing 2 - Slender Set Slender Only found as prizes in "-Deliverance-" by changelings. Based off Slender Man. 2013-08-07
Platform Racing 2 - Reindeer Set Reindeer Only available during a New Year's party. 2013-12-24
Platform Racing 2 - Crocodile Set Crocodile Drawn by Ktost and were only available for a contest. 2014-01-29


  • From the game's release until early 2011, this message would pop-up every time players won a head along with the "You won a:" box instead reading "You won a new HEAD! Look for it in your heads!".[6]
Platform Racing 2 - Head not a Hat
  • Due to its appearance, the Elephant body was often referred to as a potato by the community as a joke. Jiggmin himself semi-acknowledged this by briefly renaming it to the Bean body from late 2013 to early 2014.[7]
  • Most parts from default sets 2-8 and the Elephant head originally had rougher designs prior to them receiving Epic Upgrades in 2013. Most updates simply cleaned up the outlines to bring them inline with other body parts, although the Classic Girl head received more major changes. Along with having its lines completely redrawn, it also received new, much shorter eyelashes and its lipstick was only made available as its Epic Upgrade.
Platform Racing 2 - Classic Girl Head (Original)

The Classic Girl head's original 2008-2013 design.

  • Despite being prizes for the middle campaign levels, the Car and Fairy sets were designed after the Elephant and Armor sets, respectively.
  • The Astronaut head and Ant/Armor sets are the only parts to be brought over from another game.
  • The Car feet are titled "Tire" in the code.