Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2 (ArmorGames)

Platform Racing 2 (BubbleBox)

Developers Jiggmin
Publishers Armor Games, BubbleBox,

Kongregate, Newgrounds

Rating T
Genres Racing, platformer
Release Dates

2008-02-15 (Beta)


2008-05-12 (BB)

2008-05-13 (N)

2009-04-22 (AG)

Platform Racing 2 (commonly abbreviated PR2) is an Adobe Flash online multiplayer racing video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2008-05-02.[1]

The game went on to become Jiggmin's most successful project, receiving over 32 million plays on Kongregate alone and becoming one of the most popular Flash games of all time when it was released, having over 2 thousand users playing online simultaneously at its peak. Platform Racing 2 's popularity lead to it being nominated for multiple awards and a sequel two years later.

Pre-Release History

Interest in a sequel to Platform Racing was first revealed a few months after its release in a Kongregate post by Jiggmin dated 2007-09-27, where he gave a tentative release date of New Years for it.[2] While the date passed without word, he officially announced on Newgrounds that a sequel was in the works on 2008-01-15.[3]

A preview of the game was later posted on Jiggmin's website in February.[4] To prevent users from impersonating each other, accounts were shared with Volly-Bounce so members could login with the same password from the start on either. This link between the two games continued into the full release, until it was quietly discontinued in late 2011-early 2012. This build only included the level editor, as a contest was held for players to potentially get their level on the campaign before the full game was released. The selection process lasted several weeks, with multiplayer servers being set up by the end of the month. The game then remained in open beta for the next two months while updates continued to be added.

Platform racing 2 Preview

Platform racing 2 Preview


Platform Racing 2 Gameplay

Users racing in the campaign level "Mario Bros remix v.1.3(time attack)".

Like its predecessor, Platform Racing 2 is an online side-scrolling racing game where players race and battle against each other on-foot with their own customizable avatar in user-created maps. Item blocks scattered around provide players with random items when bumped, which can give them an advantage over others depending on the level. As the maximum attainable speed as been drastically increased, gameplay is considerably faster paced than the original, allowing for more brisk matches that require greater skill to win.

The game features numerous improvements over the first, including players now being able to create an account with a unique username and password they can access from anywhere, no longer causing them to lose their progress when their cookies are cleared. The ranking system has also been overhauled; instead of ranks specifically being awarded after every match, an experience point system has been added where racers receive an amount depending on how well they placed, the ranks of their opponents and how long they were in the map among other factors. After they've collected a set amount that gets increasingly higher, then they will rank up and gain an additional stat point that can be used for their speed, acceleration or jumping height. With this change, ranks are vastly lower overall than the previous game.

Communicating between users has been expanded; along with being able to create a custom chat room on the lobby, an in-game chat has been added for players to talk while playing a level. As the account system from Volly-Bounce has been brought over, users can also send private messages along with permanently add someone to their ignored or friend lists.

Platform Racing 2 Level Editor

The new level editor.

The most notable new feature is the level editor, which allows any user to create their own maps using a variety of premade blocks, though they need an account to save them. Some blocks have been brought over from the original with minor changes and others that are brand new. Players can choose from 7 pre-drawn backgrounds to give their map or draw their own using the 5 art layers. The editor also provides the ability to set a level's song, gravity, minimum rank requirement, time limit and game mode among others. Pressing the "test" button allows them to play their map, where they can have any stat and hat. Users are able to save their course at any moment, though they must check "publish" for it to show up in the lobby. Users can also rate maps via a 1-5 star system after completing or forfeiting it. Courses with the highest score by number of ratings are featured on either "All Time Best" or "Today's Best" depending on when they were published.


See also: Platform Racing 2/Hats

See also: Platform Racing 2/Body Parts

In addition to the original set returning, players are now able to choose from multiple different body parts to style their avatar, with some being prizes exclusive to campaign levels while others require them to log in on a certain date to receive them. The game also introduces hats, where each provide the player with an extra ability in matches.


All 13 blocks (counting the 2 unused ones) from the original game return and players are also able to make use of 15 new types for their levels as well.

Block Name Description
Platform Racing 2 - Start Block Start Spawn point for a single player.
Platform Racing 2 - Basic Block 1 Basic 1 Normal block you can stand on.
Platform Racing 2 - Basic Block 2 Basic 2
Platform Racing 2 - Basic Block 3 Basic 3
Platform Racing 2 - Basic Block 4 Basic 4
Platform Racing 2 - Brick Block Brick Poorly made material that shatters if bumped.
Platform Racing 2 - Finish Block Finish Marks the end of a level when bumped.
Platform Racing 2 - Ice Block Ice Causes players to slide around.
Platform Racing 2 - Item Block Item Randomly gives one item.
Platform Racing 2 - Infinite Item Block Infinite Item Provides an endless supply of items.
Platform Racing 2 - Left Block Left Pushes players to the left.
Platform Racing 2 - Right Block Right Pushes players to the right.
Platform Racing 2 - Up Block Up Pushes players upwards.
Platform Racing 2 - Down Block Down Holds players down.
Platform Racing 2 - Mine Mine Explodes when touched.
Platform Racing 2 - Crumble Block Crumble Breaks if hit too hard.
Platform Racing 2 - Vanish Block Vanish Disappears for 2 seconds when touched.
Platform Racing 2 - Move Block Move Moves around randomly.
Platform Racing 2 - Water Block Water Swim!
Platform Racing 2 - Rotate Right Block Rotate Right Rotates the player 90 degrees to the right.
Platform Racing 2 - Rotate Left Block Rotate Left Rotates the player 90 degrees to the left.
Platform Racing 2 - Push Block Push Can be pushed around.
Platform Racing 2 - Happy Block Happy Boosts stats by 5.
Platform Racing 2 - Sad Block Sad Lowers stats by 5.
Platform Racing 2 - Safety Net Block Safety Net Teleports the player to their last safe area.
Platform Racing 2 - Heart Block Heart

Awards an extra heart in deathmatches and grants invincibility for 5 seconds.

Platform Racing 2 - Time Block Time Adds 10 seconds to the timer.
Platform Racing 2 - Egg Minion Egg Minion Attacks when approached.


As with blocks, every item from the first game returns, along with the addition of 2 new ones.

Item Name Ability
Platform Racing 2 - Ice Wave Ice Wave Briefly freezes nearby blocks and players.
Platform Racing - Jetpack Jetpack Soar into the sky for a short time.
Platform Racing - Laser Gun Laser Gun Shoot long-ranged lasers.
Platform Racing - Lightning Lightning Zaps and stuns other players on the map.
Platform Racing 2 - Mine Mine Places a mine that explodes when touched.
Platform Racing 2 - Speed Burst Speed Burst Briefly makes the user faster.
Platform Racing 2 - Super Jump Super Jump Portable super jump that can be used anywhere.
Platform Racing 2 - Sword Sword Short-range sword that can slash others.
Platform Racing - Teleport Teleport Teleports the player four blocks in front of them.


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See also: Platform Racing 2/Update History


Main article: List of Achievements

Kongregate badges were added to the game on 2008-07-11 following a week of discussion with users on the website.[5]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Platform Racing 2 - Easy Badge Newbieland Conqueror Complete Newbieland 2 in under 90 seconds. 5
Platform Racing 2 - Medium Badge New York Minute Finish Its New York! in under 75 seconds. 15
Platform Racing 2 - Hard Badge Mad Hatter Complete Hat Factory in under 7 minutes. 30
Platform Racing 2 - Bird Brain Badge Bird Brain Enter a match wearing the Giant Bird set.


Platform Racing 2 won the "People's Choice" award at the 2009 Flash Gaming Summit.[6][7][8][9] The game was also runner-up for "Best Multiplayer Game" at the same event.[10][11]


  • The server names are from an abandoned game of Jiggmin's called Destroyers of Planets. While the main characters (Derron, Carina, Grayan and Fitz) were playable and have known personalities, none of the other characters were seen and their roles in the story remain unknown.
  • Happy and sad blocks are the only ones designed by somebody other than Jiggmin, credited to "Jacob K.".
  • The Ice Wave was chosen by players via a Motley Monday poll over the Triple Bow by 10 votes.[12] The Triple Bow would've allowed players to fire three arrows at once, with their distance depending on how long they charged their shot.[13]
Platform Racing 2 - Triple Bow
  • Egg Minion is the only block not to have a square shape.
  • Several blocks had different appearances during the game's beta as seen in the video above, some reminiscent to their Platform Racing designs, including:
    • Ice was semi-transparent.
    • Vanish lacked the dot and swooshes in the middle.
    • Mine was directly ported from PR1.
    • Crumble wasn't a square.
    • Move had its up arrow colored in the level editor.
    • Water was always transparent and lacked any sort of depth outside the level editor.
  • Despite the added game modes, most in-game messages were never updated and only reference races, including the "Race Complete!" pop-up seen at the end of every match.
  • This is the only game of Jiggmin's to feature advertisements for BubbleBox.
  • Attempting to use "Forgot Password" on Jiggmin's account will result in an error reading: "The password to Jiggmin's luggage is 12345.", a reference to the 1987 film Spaceballs where President Skroob states that he has the same combination on his luggage.


  1. Note: PR2's page on listed the release date as April 2nd instead of May 2nd from 2009 to 2011 (earlier and later versions of the page gave no date at all). As archived versions of's homepage from that month indicate the game was still in beta, however, it was likely an error.

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