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Platform Racing (commonly abbreviated PR1) is an Adobe Flash multiplayer racing video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2007-06-29.

The game became an immediate success, leading to a sequel being released a year later.


PR1 Gameplay

Users racing in Newbieland.

Platform Racing is an online 2D racing game where users compete against each other on foot using their own customizable avatar. Players have 150 stat points to split between speed, traction and jump height, with the maximum allowed for each being 100. Item blocks can also be found throughout maps that, when bumped, give players a random item to either hinder the progress of other racers or give themselves a boost.

The game's premise was inspired by the Mario Kart series, with Jiggmin setting out to create a sidescrolling platformer spin on its racing formula.[1]

Initially the game had a single server for users to connect to that could only hold 200 players at a time, though its popularity caused two more to be added to fit demand. Once a player chooses a username and joins a server, they can choose between eight different levels to race on. Only Newbieland is available at first, and players will have to race one another to rank up and unlock other maps.


Although limited to one character design, players are allowed to change the color of their head, body and feet from 11 available options. Users can additionally change their username at any point as accounts are not saved to a server like future installments, with data instead being stored in their browser's cookies. However, this forces the player to start over if their data is wiped.


Unlike in Kongregate Racing, most levels are restricted until the player reaches a certain rank.

Level Name Required Rank
Platform Racing - Newbieland Newbieland None
Platform Racing - Buto Buto 0.1
Platform Racing - Pyramids Pyramids 3
Platform Racing - Robocity Robocity 10
Platform Racing - Assembly Assembly 20
Platform Racing - Infernal Hop Infernal Hop 50
Platform Racing - Going Down Going Down 150
Platform Racing - Slip Slip 300


Block Name Description
Platform Racing - Mine Mine Explodes when touched.
Platform Racing - Brick Block Brick Shatters if bumped from below.
Platform Racing - Basic Block Basic Normal block you can stand on.
Platform Racing - Star Block Star Provides one item.
Platform Racing - Finish Block Finish Ends the race when bumped.
Platform Racing - Metal Block Metal Basic block you can stand on.
Platform Racing - Right Block Right Moves the player right.
Platform Racing - Left Block Left Forces the player left.
Platform Racing - Up Block Up Forces the player up.
Platform Racing - Ice Block Ice Slippery.


Two unused blocks listed between the mine and brick can be found in the code. These designs would later be reused in the sequel.

Block Name Description
Platform Racing - Normal Block Normal Simple block you can stand on.
Platform Racing - Waffle Block Waffle


Item Name Ability
Platform Racing - Jetpack Jetpack Briefly allows players to fly.
Platform Racing - Laser Gun Laser Gun Fire long-ranged lasers.
Platform Racing - Lightning Lightning Zaps all opponents on the map.
Platform Racing - Mine Mine Explodes when touched.
Platform Racing - Speed Burst Speed Burst Briefly increases speed.
Platform Racing - Super Jump Super Jump Portable super jump usable anywhere.
Platform Racing - Teleport Teleport Teleports users five blocks in front of them.


Main article: List of Achievements

As the game has since been removed from Kongregate, these badges are no longer obtainable.[2]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Platform Racing - Easy Badge Newbieland Explorer Complete Newbieland in under 1 minute. 5
Platform Racing - Medium Badge Platformer Performer

Complete Buto in under 1 minute.

Finish Pyramids in under 70 seconds.

Finish Robocity in under 40 seconds.

Platform Racing - Hard Badge Went Fast and Won

Reach rank 300.

Complete Assembly in under 50 seconds.

Finish Infernal Hop in under 90 seconds.

Complete Going Down in under 20 seconds.

Finish Slip in under 1 minute.


Shut Down

Although the game's servers had already been down for several months at that point, Jiggmin officially announced on 2015-09-09 that he would be dropping support for Platform Racing along with most other multiplayer games besides Platform Racing 2. He stated: "Managing [the games] servers is another time drain. They'll need to be streamlined or removed. I plan to keep PR2 running at least until PR4 is out, though."[3] The announcement also coincided with the launch of his new forum Freegoose.

A fan project revived the game in October 2018.[4] Like others, Jiggmin has not released the server code, so it was written from scratch. This version features several changes, such as vastly lowering required ranks for maps and enhancing Jetpack physics.


  • Not counting the unreleased fourth installment, this is the only game in the series to:
    • Not be nominated for a Flash Gaming Summit award.
    • Lack hats and a level editor.
    • Have the Speed Burst item disappear after it's activated instead of remaining until it runs out.
    • Award ranks upon finishing levels instead of experience points.
    • Not give an extra stat point to players every time they rank up.
    • Store a player's information in their browser's cookies rather than on a dedicated server.
    • Let players bounce off each other's heads without the use of a hat.
  • Platform Racing briefly appeared in PBS' Frontline documentary "Digital Nation", which aired on 2010-02-02.[5]This makes it the only known game of Jiggmin's to be featured on television.
  • Differences between version 1.0 and 1.1 include:
    • Added anti-hacking measures.
    • Addition of the "Going Down" and "Slip" levels.
    • Two extra servers, along with giving them names that would carry over to the sequel.
  • Due to a glitch, using the name � will cause the player's name in the chat and online list to be invisible.
  • While the game has been removed from Kongregate since its shut down, the file can still be accessed and its comment section remains public.
  • It's possible to place a mine inside an existing block, with hitting it destroying the block even though its graphics are still present, allowing you to pass right through it. While this was likely unintentional due to how incomplete it looks, Jiggmin later referred to it as a feature during Platform Racing 3 's development.[6]
    • Despite Jiggmin's stance, this is still partially a bug as it allows finish blocks to be destroyed, rendering the level unfinishable.


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