Pedro the Snail
Platform Racing 3 - Pedro the Snail


Nicole Swimley


Cuts stats in half

First Appearance

Platform Racing 3 (2010)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 3

Pedro the Snail (also known as the Prank Hat[1]) is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 3 that serves as the fifth hat, released on 2010-09-21.[2]

The hat resembles a cartoon-ified depiction of a snail, although it notably lacks a tail.


If another player steals the snail from a user, they're punished by having their stats reduced by 50% until they drop it. Players who enter the match with the hat are immune to its effects, allowing them to pick additional Pedros up without their stats being lowered.


Pedro the Snail is available as a random prize the Level of the Day with at least one other player. This originally applied to every level, though it was changed in May 2011 to combat simming problems.



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