Neverending Light - Paulie



Voiced By

Andy Dennis









First Appearance

Neverending Light

Paul (referred to as Mr. Walkie Talkie and his nickname Paulie) is a fictional character voiced by Andy Dennis in Jacob Grahn's video game Neverending Light.

Paul worked at the Cablad Caverns as an electronics operator and attended the same college with the initials "WCU" the tour guide did as a freshman.

Role in Neverending Light

After being requested by the tour guide via walkie talkie, Paul switched all lights inside the Cablad Caverns off for the tourists to experience total darkness. However by the time the guide attempts to contact him again, Paul became the first causality in the attack by the monsters.

Paul's bio reveals that he discovered an unknown area of the caverns a few days prior to the game's events, which he planned to explore by bringing a ladder and other equipment when he got the chance. It's heavily implied he's the dead man lying in the area where D retrieves a wire, as players walk on a ladder to access it and lights and a jackhammer-type machine are near him. This suggests Paul unintentionally allowed the creatures to escape and enter the rest of the caverns.

Neverending Light - Unnamed Victim

Possible appearance of Paul in the Cablad Caverns.


Unlike other characters in the game, very little of Paul's personality is known due to his limited screen-time and bare bio. From what is given, he appears to act like a typical college freshman as he threw a party in an attempt to meet girls on campus.