Parasol Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Parasol Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Parasol Hat (Sketch)

Designer Nicole Swimley
Effects Hold up to fall slower.
First Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3

The Parasol Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 3 that was one of several hats released on 2011-09-20 as a part of the game's final update. As Sparkworkz never published the build containing the hat's final design, it ultimately went unused and only the sketch was ever seen in-game.

Despite its name, the hat resembles a parachute or parasail, the latter of which is what it's labelled in the game's code, more than a parasol.


Pressing and holding the "up" arrow key will allow the user to fall slower than normal, the same ability the Propeller Hat provided in the previous installment. That hat still does return, however, albeit with an entirely different power.


The Parasol Hat is winnable as a random prize in the Level of the Day.