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PR2hub is a website owned by Jacob Grahn launched on 2010-12-15 that hosts Platform Racing 2 's http server and level back-up system.


Prior to its launch, Platform Racing 2 's http server, which hosts the game's levels, music, ban log and guilds as well as handles saving a player's progress, was located at In addition to PR2, the website also hosted files for other games by Jiggmin, including Platform Racing and Musical Evenizer.

On 2010-12-15, it was announced that Platform Racing 2 would immediately be moving to its own dedicated server at[1] While the reason for the switch wasn't stated, it was likely to relieve stress on the website. Initially the website only served as a host, with two unrelated YouTube videos on the homepage.[2] On 2012-03-09, however, the game was added to the main page, which was also given the ban log's design,[3] paving the way for more features later on.

Level Back-ups

PR2hub - Back-up Page

On 2012-10-04, a system for players to restore their levels was added to PR2hub after heavy requests.[4] In order to be used, players must currently be logged into their account with "Remember Me" checked due to the lack of an outside sign in system.

Because of limited storage and past revisions having already been erased, this only applied to courses that had been modified or deleted within the last week, though it was later expanded to a month.[5]

Http Requests

Given its primary hosting purpose, people are freely able to send various requests that the game pulls from the website (some require to be signed in via "Remember Me", however) and view them in raw text form, including:


  • As raw level data isn't restricted, players can view any unpublished and password protected course.
  • Each level contains a "credits" parameter in its data that's unused in-game. While blank for most levels, courses published during the game's beta have a log of creation and update dates occupying the area, with the final known level created before its removal being "Goal's" by Laibu on 2008-04-28. Although its elimination prevents users from viewing a level's update history, "time" allows them to know the exact second it was last published in the form of Unix time.