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The Neverending Light Sequels were two planned video games that would have been developed by Jacob Grahn and continued the story of Neverending Light.

The games were officially confirmed by Jiggmin to be on an indefinite hiatus in 2012, stating financial issues as the reasoning for their cancellation.[1]


A basic story for the second part is viewable as an unlockable bonus in Neverending Light if the player collects all 49 Sprite Droppings scattered throughout the game. This outline reveals that Ned's kind would have escaped the Cablad Caverns and reached the town above it, Within City. While its kind begins feasting on nearby humans, Anabel starts searching for a doctor to save D, who has sustained an unknown, life-threatening ailment likely caused by the events of the first game. However, she shortly thereafter begins experiencing visions that alter her course.

The outline also features portraits of several characters that likely would have appeared, which are labelled "Father", "Officer", "Daughter", "Mother" and "Granny" in the code, respectively. While not known if D or Anabel are related to the family members, they highly resemble characters seen in the elevator scene at the beginning of the game that originally had dialogue, but were cut. It's unknown whether they would've been redone into entirely new characters or if they somehow survived the initial attack in the caverns.

Neverending Light - Part 2 Plot

A plot for the final game was never revealed.


While not confirmed, gameplay would likely be similar to the original game, with users exploring Within City from a top-bottom viewpoint. As revealed in the outline, players would control Anabel in the second game rather than D and possess a gun as a weapon that would likely function similarly to the severed arm in the first game.


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