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Horror, Adventure

Release Date

2009-02-10 (K)

2009-02-23 (N)

2009-02-24 (AG)

Neverending Light (referred to as Neverending Light: Part 1 of 3 on the title screen) is a top-down horror adventure Adobe Flash video game developed by Jacob Grahn that was released on 2009-02-10.

The game was popular upon release, receiving acclaim for its plot, atmosphere, graphics, music and inclusion of professional voice acting, a rarity in Flash games. Its popularity caused it to be frontpaged and categorized as making Flash Portal History by Newgrounds, as well as earning daily feature and weekly users' choice awards.[1] The game was also featured in Gamefly's online arcade.[2]

Originally planned to be the beginning of a trilogy, further games were eventually cancelled altogether, with Jiggmin revealing that financial issues would likely prevent any future installments.[3] The game has still retained a following regardless, being included in Armor Games' 2016 list of "Games that Didn't Get Sequels".[4]


The game takes place in the fictional Cablad Caverns, a popular tourist attraction beneath Within City. While D is taking a tour of the area with his girlfriend as a birthday present, they and the other tourists are attacked by unknown monsters.


Portrait Name Description Age
Neverending Light - D D (Derron Doe) The protagonist who's the only member of the tour to not be attacked and initially believed to be the only survivor. D has a quiet personality and rarely speaks outside of single sentences. 21
Neverending Light - Anabel Matthews Anabel Matthews D's girlfriend who's the only other survivor in the attack. She's much more talkative compared to D and displays her fighting abilities several times throughout the game. 19
Neverending Light - Tour Guide Susan W. The tour guide who explains the cavern's formations in the beginning of the game before being eaten. She inadvertently provides D a flashlight used for most of the game. 22
Neverending Light - Paulie Mr. Walkie Talkie (Paulie) The electronics operator at Cablad Caverns who's the first to be attacked once he cuts the lights. 21
Neverending Light - Sprite Sprites A species of shiny floating balls that inhabit the deep areas of the caverns. Unknown
Neverending Light - Ned Ned A member of the species who attacked the tour that was selected to introduce themselves to Within City. 218


Neverending Light Gameplay

D exploring the Cablad Caverns.

Neverending Light is a horror adventure game where players explore dark underground caverns and collect required objects as they appear. Sprite Droppings are also scattered throughout the cavern for the player to collect and unlock bonuses at the end.


Main article: List of Achievements

A Kongregate badge was added to the game on 2009-04-03.[5]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Neverending Light - Medium Badge "Go Toward the Light" Find all 49 sprite droppings. 15

Mobile Differences

A mobile version of Neverending Light was released on Kongregate on 2010-05-15. This build includes several differences from the desktop game, including:

Neverending Light Mobile Gameplay

The mobile version of the elevator scene.

  • Preloader graphic grows larger as it forms instead of shrinking.
    • Bug: skipping the preloader does not stop its music from playing.
  • All mentions of "click" changed to "touch".
  • Removal of the "Add This Game to Your Website", "Be Awesome" and "View Credits" buttons on the title screen.
    • Less scenes are available in the "Scene Selection" menu and it can no longer be accessed in-game.
    • The touchable light takes up more space, covering some of the moving water.
    • Menu is pillar-boxed with white bars instead of black, causing the imperfect coloring lines to appear in full screen.
  • Fade transition to the elevator is removed.
  • Most lighting and shadow effects are removed.
  • Dialogue text is now in bold against a black background and fitted to 3 lines instead of 2.
    • The lattermost fixes a glitch that caused part of Anabel's first line to be cut off.
  • D is now moved by the player touching the screen in a certain direction.
  • Frame rate is lower.
  • The Sprites cutscene fades to a yellow background instead of black.
  • D's cry when the elevator gets caught by Ned is different.
  • Removal of the "Play More Games at" and "Add This Game to Your Website!" buttons on the completion screen.
  • The "Super Secret Info on Part 2/3" window is partly cut off when not viewed in full screen.


  • This is the only one of Jiggmin's games to receive an "M" rating on Newgrounds.
  • D is based off Jiggmin, as heavily implied by his character bio.
  • The game was originally titled Never Ending Night and Never Ending Light during development.[6][7]
  • A demo was released on Jiggmin's website in September 2008. The differences between it and the final version, besides the title changes, are unknown, however, as it wasn't archived.
  • The game briefly held the number one spot on Newgrounds' "All-time Top Scoring", peaking at 4.45 out of 5 stars.[8][9]
  • Jiggmin began working on the game in 2007, having commissioned the soundtrack in April that year.[10][11]
  • This is the only game of Jiggmin's that wasn't modified when it was published on Armor Games..
  • The monsters are the same species as the final boss in Kimblis the Blue.
  • While WASD controls are available, the game makes no reference to them during the tutorial. They are listed in each website's instructions section, however.
  • Pressing "Enter" while playing pulls up the "Scene Selection" menu from the title screen.


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