Motley Monday
Motley Monday Title Card
Motley Monday's title card.








1-2 minutes

Number of Episodes

36 (List of episodes)

Original Run

2012-12-04 - 2013-09-04

Motley Monday was a weekly series hosted by Jiggmin from 2012-12-04 to 2013-09-04 that incorporated user suggestions into Platform Racing 2. The first 22 episodes were short, one to two minute videos that were uploaded to YouTube, while ones afterwards were blogs posted on Jiggmin's website.


Although every episode involved adding a popular community-suggested idea to the game, the way it was presented varied. Earlier episodes often included other suggestions, both popular and ones hand-picked by Jiggmin, which, while present in later videos, were much more downplayed and dropped entirely when the series transitioned to blogs. Later videos also incorporated skits that related to the new feature, such as Jiggmin eating cardboard and searching for ways to obtain money when the Vault of Magics was announced.


When asked if there would be future Motley Mondays in a Freegoose forum post, Jiggmin's wife responded that there's a possibility of the series returning, although not until at least 2017.[1]


  • "Walking Eggs" was intended to be "Alien Eggs" from the beginning, though lack of time forced it to be saved for the next update.[2]
  • An error that occurred during the loadout update caused bolding on profiles for the player's name, rank, and hat numbers to be removed and placed at the remaining stat number instead, which was never corrected.
  • Jiggmin's reasoning for episode 18's two day delay was due to multiple strange dreams he experienced on both nights.[3]
  • The heart block was partially added so Jiggmin didn't have to create an adjustable health setting for deathmatches.[4]
  • Episode 15 is the only video to lack a cold opening.
  • All videos after episode 8 are closed captioned in English by Jiggmin.
  • The series was originally planned to add updates to other games as well, including Luna and Platform Racing 4, though this was scrapped for unknown reasons.[5]
  • Episode 13 was posted a day late due to a typo with the word "triple".[6]
  • Episode 22 only features Platform Racing 2 footage as it was rushed due to Memorial Day activities. Jiggmin also revealed that Yoshi's Island by Fire Shadow! was highly considered for the Epic campaign.[7]
  • The time block reviews in episode 19 are from a thread in the Beta Tester's Club.[8]
  • ParticleIllusion was used to create the explosion effect in episode 17, a program Jiggmin used frequently during development of Neverending Light.[9]
  • Episode 13.5 was an update without a video that Jiggmin decided to not count to eliminate possible confusion.[10]
  • Jiggmin based episode 10's update around his constantly full inbox.[11]
  • The Vault of Magics was first announced two days before its Motley Monday video.[12]



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