Moon Hat
Platform Racing 2 - Moon Hat




Awards Lux (2012-18)

Doubles guild points

First Appearance

Platform Racing 2 (2012)

Latest Appearance

Platform Racing 2

The Moon Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2. Originally announced on 2012-07-10 as the game's tenth hat,[1] it was officially released two months later on 2012-09-11.

The hat has the appearance of a crescent moon with a long nose in the center and a closed eye resembling an up arrow.


Upon completing a course, users wearing the hat are originally also given a certain amount of Lux along with experience points. In order to earn any, players must have finished a level in at least 90 seconds or more and their won amount depended on their placing. If the user came in 1st place, they received 3 Lux and so on, with Happy Hours automatically doubling it.[2] Lux was originally planned to be used in Jiggmin's game Luna, although now doesn't serve a purpose.

The hat was changed in April 2018 to instead double a player's guild points, which similarly don't serve a purpose apart from a user's total amount being viewable in-game.[3]


The Moon Hat is the prize of "Redemption" on the Luna campaign. Unlike other prizes, the hat is given to every person who finishes the level instead of only the winner. While the campaign was being selected, the hat was given out to users who submitted levels to Jiggmin via his email.