Updates are sorted by the date they were published, with text updates being taken from archives, while videos are summarized.[1]



- Made the title page all crazy colorful.

- Nothing works yet, just setting up the servers.



- Added some sound controls to the mute button. This'll make it easy breasy to listen to your own music while still keeping the sound effects on.


Pencils and Rectangles

- The brush, pencil, eraser, rectangle, and ellipse tools seem to be working honky-dory.


Selecty Movey Time

- The the select/move tool is now working.

- The color picker now keeps a record of your recently used colors.

- It is possible to save and load stamps and backgrounds. If you check the publish box, other people will (eventually) be able to use them in their levels.


Zoom Like the Wind

- Added zoom and scroll buttons.

- Drawing no longer wildly turns everything blue.

- Fixed some errors with the selector tool.


Stamp out Crime

- Replaced folders with tags. They accomplish the same thing, but are more flexible.

- Published stamps are usable.

- Stamps can be placed and moved around on stamp layers.

- Added keyboard shortcuts.


Matter of Fact

- Added the matter editor.

- Added a panel to display who made the stamps you're using.

- You can access your own stamps without publishing them.

- You can switch between editor tabs without losing your work.

- Fixed a bug with the selector tool.

- Moderators can unpublish stamps.


Level Up!

- Added level editor.

- Added background layer type.

- Added matter layer type.

- Fixed a bug which would sometimes stop new requests to the server.

- Worked on the logo.



- It is now possible to import lux from PR2 into Luna. After linking your accounts, the import will automatically happen every time you log in.

- Guild chats will (maybe?) work.

- Players are no longer split up between servers.


Luna - Floaty Cursers

- Stamps / parts / etc. show a preview graphic of what you're about to drop under the mouse.

- Created some restrictions that prevent ship parts from overlapping with each other.

- Holding down the mouse and dragging with the eraser tool now deletes any stamps / matter / etc. along the path.

- Made the ship parts a bit fancier lookin'.

- Added the ability to switch in and out of testing mode in the ship editor. (Testing mode doesn't really work at all yet.)


Layers are a drag[2]

- Resaved everyone's levels / stamps / whatever in the nuevo format. You may have to clear your cache to get the new working versions to load, though... - Layers can be dragged up and down to sort them.

- Layer alpha can be changed.

- Selector and circle/square tools work once again.

- Color picker now contains an opacity slider.


Parts and Scrollbars

- Ship editor works again after being broken for some time.

- Scrollbar used to navigate parts has been replaced with the arrow keys seen everywhere else.

- Testing ships are currently being worked on.

Jiggmin Dev Log - Part Displays and Scrollbars


Testers of Batteries

- Ship and level editor testing modes have been released.

Jiggmin Dev Log - Testers of Batteries


Luna Logic

- Working on an in-game programming language that'll allow you to set any sort of behavior in levels (such as mines, enemies, etc.).

Jiggmin Dev Log - Luna Logic

Baking Games the Hard Way

Several updates were made to the game during Jiggmin's Baking Games the Hard Way video series that were never released publicly.

Episode 1

- Stamps work again. This inadvertently caused drawing issues in the level editor, but those should be fixed now.

- Replaced drop-down menu in the editors with the old tabs since they were too confusing.

Baking Games The Hard Way ep

Baking Games The Hard Way ep.1

Episode 2: Cool Swirls

- Fixed a bug that caused the hide button in the editors to disappear after clicking on it.

Baking Games the Hard Way ep

Baking Games the Hard Way ep.2 - Cool Swirls

Episode 3: Gravitational Pull

- Fixed the tabs yet again.

- Started getting gravity to work.

Baking Games the Hard Way ep

Baking Games the Hard Way ep.3 - Gravitational Pull

Planned Updates

Jiggmin initially planned to dedicate every Motley Monday in June 2013 to Luna and begin cycling through Platform Racing 2, Luna and Platform Racing 4 afterwards.[3] These plans were scrapped, however, and Luna was shortly removed from his website altogether.