Motley Monday Title Card
The following article contains of list of episodes of Jiggmin's weekly Motley Monday series which ran from 2012-12-04 to 2013-09-04. The series has 36 official episodes in total, with 1-22 being short, 1-2 minute videos uploaded to YouTube, while 23-36 were blogs posted directly to Jiggmin's website.

Episode 1

- Described Motley Monday's format and listed ideas, including:

-- Chris736's Viking hat, which breaks Brick blocks from all sides.

-- VforVendetta's trial moderators.

-- Jiggmin's option for user's to change their email associated with their account.

Motley Monday ep01:20

Motley Monday ep.1

Episode 2: Passwords are Amusing

- Players can now restore levels modified or deleted within the last month.

- Added Korra's optional passwords that are required to play levels suggestion.

- Listed ideas:

-- ToxicFlame's Level of the Week tab.

-- EugeneJudo's Time block.

-- Omegaguineapig's schedule for Happy Hours.

-- Thepro1998's Workman's Helmet, which would let the wearer crumble any block.

-- PR2Brony's White Tie Wednesday, where Jiggmin reviews levels in fancy clothing.

Motley Monday ep02:22

Motley Monday ep.2 - Passwords Are Amusing

Episode 3: Santa Tree Grants Wishes

- Added a "*" next to the PMs tab for whenever players receive new private messages, suggested by omegagunieapig.

- Listed ideas:

-- Jugularjugular's mute only music option.

-- larsyuipo's custom item block.

-- alex:)'s Gingerbread set.

Motley Monday ep01:15

Motley Monday ep.3 - Santa Tree Grants Wishes

Episode 4: Christmas Update

- Added alex:)'s Gingerbread set as random prizes.

- New "Prismatic" song by Lunanova for levels.

Motley Monday ep00:51

Motley Monday ep.4 - Christmas Update

Episode 5: Deathmatches R Us

- New deathmatch mode suggested by XerthX.

Motley Monday ep00:45

Motley Monday ep.5 - Deathmatches R Us

Episode 6: WASD Up?

- Ideas mentioned:

-- YoshiamaAang's "Freeze Ray" item.

- Added custom controls that can be changed in the options menu.

- Turning off music now actually works.

Motley Monday ep01:16

Motley Monday ep.6 - WASD up?

Episode 7: Rank Tokens

- The +3 rank F@H prize has been replaced with three rank tokens that can be used at any time and two more have been added as higher prizes.

Motley Monday ep01:27

Motley Monday ep.7 - Rank Tokens

Episode 8: Infinite Times are Good Times

- VforVendetta's trial moderator suggestion is now in-place.

- It is now possible to have unlimited time for levels, suggested by bls1999.

- Ideas listed:

-- Thales4000's hat selection in the level editor.

Motley Monday ep01:19

Motley Monday ep.8 - Infinite Times are Good Times

Episode 9: Hat Stash

- Players can now select any hat in the level editor while testing, suggested by Thales4000.

- Ideas mentioned:

-- Tommy8's Jigg hat.

-- Tacchi's Taco parts.

-- Hipponator's one question forum section.

Motley Monday ep01:30

Motley Monday ep.9 - Hat Stash

Episode 10: Changelog About Changelogs

- A changelog containing a list of changes each Motley Monday is sent to every player in PR2 to help with confusion, sugged by GamerProist.

- Jigg hat is revealed, players must figure out where it's located, however.

Motley Monday 10 - Changelog About Changelogs01:22

Motley Monday 10 - Changelog About Changelogs

Episode 11: Valentine's Deathmatch

- New Heart block that grants players extra health in deathmatches and briefly makes them invincible, suggested by The Pro.

- Ideas mentioned:

- Scum's Sir parts.

Motley Monday 11 - Valentine's Deathmatch01:21

Motley Monday 11 - Valentine's Deathmatch

Episode 12: Color Picking

- Platform Racing 3's color picker has replaced Platform Racing 2's old one, as suggested by FinalCheetah.

Motley Monday 12 - Color Picking01:06

Motley Monday 12 - Color Picking

Episode 13: Spring Cleaning

- Deathmatches now have a red design on the lobby, suggested by larsyuipo.

- New "Delete All" button for private messages.

- Chat bar is hopefully fixed.

- Players can teleport anywhere in the level editor by clicking there, suggested by usb hub.

- Announcement of a contest between two possible items: the Ice Wave and Triple Bow. People will vote in the comments, Facebook, and Twitter.

Motley Monday 13 - Spring Cleaning01:38

Motley Monday 13 - Spring Cleaning

Episode 13.5

- New Walking Eggs game mode.

Episode 14: Clash of the Titans

- Ice Wave won contest by ten votes.

- Players can restore their own rank tokens.

- Clock no longer cuts off if a level has a large amount of time.

- Another contest between two possible level designing features: a text tool and block skins. People will again vote in the comment section, tweets, and a Facebook poll.

Motley Monday 14 - Clash of the Titans01:48

Motley Monday 14 - Clash of the Titans

Episode 15: Text Always Wins

- After several weeks of stalling, a text tool has finally been added.

Motley Monday 15 - Text Always Wins01:16

Motley Monday 15 - Text Always Wins

Episode 16: Alien Eggs

- Updated Walking Eggs to Alien Eggs so the aliens now attack players.

- Ideas listed:

-- Kwing's Objective mode.

-- aaaaaa1234567890's mini-map teleportation.

-- -AnthraX-'s one way blocks.

Motley Monday 16 - Alien Eggs01:28

Motley Monday 16 - Alien Eggs

Episode 17: Achieve all Endings

- New Objective game mode where players must bump all Finish blocks in a level to win. Suggested by Kwing and Roflkoy.

Motley Monday 17 - Achieve all Endings01:36

Motley Monday 17 - Achieve all Endings

Episode 18: Cowboy Frankenstein

- Super Flying Cowboy Mode is no longer random and players can now set the chance of it appearing in their level, suggested by Reki* and Ramon Noodles.

- Super Flying Cowboy Mode's font changed to Gwibble.

Motley Monday 18 - Cowboy Frankenstein01:01

Motley Monday 18 - Cowboy Frankenstein

Episode 19: Bow Ties are Cool

- New Time block that adds ten seconds to the clock, suggested by EugeneJudo.

- Added Sir set that is found as random prizes in levels, suggested by Spectre.

- Possibility of a new campaign.

Motley Monday 19 - Bow Ties are Cool01:45

Motley Monday 19 - Bow Ties are Cool

Episode 20: Cardboard Guild

- Players can now join guilds and earn guild points, though they currently don't do anything.

- User profile's now include their avatar, last login date, and guild.

- Announcement of the Vault of Magics.

- Mentioned ideas:

-- Ultralord's new private message system.

-- Andaya's various hat, part, and item designs.

-- icedude545's guild icons.

Motley Monday 20 - Cardboard Guild01:20

Motley Monday 20 - Cardboard Guild

Episode 21: Free Speech

- Private messages now also send a partial history of previous ones, suggested by Ultralord.

- Color, bold, large, and other tags are available in private messages.

- New "PM Everyone" button in guilds.

- Announcement of the Legendary campaign and its legendary parts, which will be chosen by Jiggmin over the next week.

Motley Monday 21 - Free Speech01:21

Motley Monday 21 - Free Speech

Episode 22: Epic Campaign

- Legendary campaign is now released and renamed to the Epic campaign.

Motley Monday 22 - Epic Campaign00:53

Motley Monday 22 - Epic Campaign

Episode 23

- Added the ability for players to change their email associated with their account.

Episode 24: Tournament Server

- New tournament server is publicly available.

-- Players start the same point.

-- Players begin with the same stats.

-- Finish times are marked by point 1/100th of a second.

-- Match winner is announced in the chat.

-- Super Flying Cowboy Mode is disabled unless the level has a 100% chance.

Episode 25: Quick Private Server Update

- Servers users can't enter are now placed at the bottom of the list.

- "!!" Appears next to servers on the title screen when they have a Happy Hour.

- Guild leaders are indicated with a Crown next to their name.

Episode 26: Swearing at Tournaments

- The game's swear filter is now optional, with a toggle in the options menu.

- Maximum amount of guild members has been increased to 100.

- Private servers can run a custom tournament, with guild leaders being able to type these commands:

-- /t on

-- /t off

-- /t [hat] [speed] [acceleration] [jumping]

Episode 27: Here Comes the...

- Added Taco parts as random prizes in levels.

Episode 28: Lists are so Bling

- New guild list in the Player's tab that displays the top guilds and their daily amount of guild points and active users.

Episode 29: Motley Receipts

- Enabled https for all purchases.

- Released Epic Upgrades for the Classic set.

- Released the guild-shared Token++ in the Vault of Magics.

- Vault purchases now send a private message containing a receipt.

Episode 30: Profile Loadouts

- Added a save button to profiles that allows players to save up to three loadouts for their character and stats. Pressing their corresponding number on the keyboard allows for quick switching.

Episode 31: Cat Captchas

- New anti-macro measure that causes a pop-up telling the player to click on an image of a cat after they receive 25,000 experience points in a day. Clicking on a dog eliminates the chance of gaining experience for several hours.

Episode 32: Long Live the Contests!

- Contest owners now have the ability to award weekly prizes to winners.

Episode 33: Stahp Talking to Yourself

- (gone) Is now displayed next to a player's name if they've left the match.

- Users no longer have to log back in before they can find the artifact.

- Rent parts issues are resolved.

- Epic colors no longer reset.

Episode 34: Onion Layers of Feelings

- Two new layers for drawing: one allows for drawing over blocks and characters while the other is good for quick effects.

Episode 35: Turn that Frown Upside Down

- New Slender set obtainable in "-Deliverance-" by changelings.

- Servers resetting now cause a Happy Hour, Fred sets, and extra experience bonuses to trigger.

Episode 36: Cooperative (but still evil) Eggs

- New Egg Minion block that's placeable anywhere.

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