This article contains a list of April Fools' jokes Jiggmin played on the community between 2009 and 2013. While ones in the Platform Racing games reoccur every year, only the year they were introduced is listed for simplicity.


Jiggmin posted a blog revealing his intentions to rebrand his website and begin focusing on making only dress-up and other girl-ish styled games.


All arrow key controls in Platform Racing 2 are reversed, e.g. pressing left moves the player right.[1]


Players in Platform Racing 3 are given a fake Cowboy Hat that does nothing in place of their real one.

Usergroup colors were altered on Jiggmin's Village: moderators, super moderators and Jiggmin were given a banned title and color, banned users received the normal member color, those with 200 posts or more were given an administrator color and those with less than 200 posts had moderator colors.


Jiggmin revealed false gameplay details on his new project Luna, stating it was a Facebook dress-up game about a teenage girl who lives on the moon.[2]


Jiggmin posted a blog saying that he sold all Platform Racing 2 user passwords and linked email addresses to a company named "Spamathon 3000" in order to purchase more bitcoins. He also gave everybody a Cowboy Hat in order to make their accounts appear more valuable.[3]