Achievements (known as badges on Kongregate and medals on Newgrounds) are challenges presented outside of the game itself and are instead imposed by the website, company, and developers among others. Completing the requirements for the achievements often awards the player points on the previously mentioned website that are displayed on their user profile.

Several of Jiggmin's more popular games received badges on websites he published them on, with a complete list of them below.

Platform Racing

The first game of Jiggmin's games to receive badges, these were added in mid-2007 and have more elaborate unlocking conditions. As Platform Racing was officially announced to be discontinued on 2015-09-09[1], Kongregate removed the game from their website on the 25th and the badges are no longer obtainable.[2]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Platform Racing - Easy Badge Newbieland Explorer Complete Newbieland in under one minute. 5
Platform Racing - Medium Badge Platformer Performer Complete Buto in under one minute.

Finish Pyramids in under 70 seconds.

Finish Robocity in under 40 seconds.

Platform Racing - Hard Badge Went Fast and Won Reach rank 300.

Complete Assembly in under 50 seconds.

Finish Infernal Hop in under 90 seconds.

Complete Going Down in under 20 seconds.

Finish Slip in under one minute.


Platform Racing 2

Badges for Platform Racing 2 on Kongregate were heavily requested soon after its release. Greg posted a thread in the game's section on 2008-07-02 inquiring users about possible achievements,[3] with discussion continuing for a week until they were released on 2008-07-11.[4]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Platform Racing 2 - Easy Badge Newbieland Conqueror Complete Newbieland 2 in under 90 seconds. 5
Platform Racing 2 - Medium Badge New York Minute Finish Its New York! in under 75 seconds. 15
Platform Racing 2 - Hard Badge Mad Hatter Complete Hat Factory in under 7 minutes, or 420 seconds. 30
Platform Racing 2 - Bird Brain Badge Bird Brain Enter a match wearing the full Giant Bird set. 30

Neverending Light

Neverending Light received this badge two months after its release on 2009-04-03.[5]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Neverending Light - Medium Badge "Go Toward the Light" Find all 49 sprite droppings. 15

Effing Meteors


Effing Meteors first received achievements from GamerSafe when it was released. Unlike other awards from Jiggmin's games, these were initially shared across all versions of Effing Meteors. However, this was later reduced once Kongregate received its own quests and removed GamerSafe's altogether and when the Armor Games version was released, which lacked any achievements whatsoever.

Badge Name Requirements Points
Effing Meteors - Nine Shooter Badge Nine Shooter Get 9 combos. 100
Effing Meteors - Creator of Worlds Badge Creator of Worlds Create a planetoid. 100
Effing Meteors - All Mine Badge All Mine Prevent any dinosaur abductions. 200
Effing Meteors - Hunter Gatherer Badge Hunter Gatherer Have three named meteors out at once. 200
Effing Meteors - The Land Before Time Badge The Land Before Time Complete the game. 200
Effing Meteors - Speed Run Badge Speed Run Beat the game in under four minutes. 200


Kongregate badges were added two weeks after the game's release on 2011-01-13, effectively replacing the previous GamerSafe ones on the website's version.[6]

Badge Name Requirements Points
Effing Meteors - Easy Badge Jurassic Juggle Have two named meteors out at once. 5
Effing Meteors - Medium Badge Effing Extinction Complete the game. 15

War of the Web

Medals for War of the Web were added shortly after the game's release on Newgrounds, the only game of his to receive any on the website. The first four medals and their obtainability are displayed below the game, although medals afterwards are locked and must either be discovered by luck or viewing it elsewhere.

Badge Name Requirements Points
War of the Web - Saboteur Badge Saboteur Spy on an enemy and destroy their defenses. 5
War of the Web - Exotic Tastes Badge Exotic Tastes Steal an enemy team's level 9 weapon during a raid. 25
War of the Web - Rich Ass Badge Rich Ass Acquire 99,999 coin. 50
War of the Web - Launch Badge Launch Successfully launch with your team to Mars. 100
War of the Web - Trollo Badge Trollo Attack someone on your own team. 5
War of the Web - All In Badge All In Spend 300 turns on research. 10
War of the Web - Divine Master Badge Divine Master Reach 100% empire happiness. 10
War of the Web - Slave Driver Badge Slave Driver Reach 0% empire happiness. 10



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