Platform Racing 3 - Level of the Day

A Level of the Day seen at the top of the lobby.

The Level of the Day (commonly shortened to LotD) is a feature in Platform Racing 3 where one level is selected by the moderators and featured at the top of the lobby for at least one day. It was introduced on 2010-08-09, with the first level featured being "Fireflies" by Mattdecat.[1] Originally only Jiggmin could set levels, though moderators gained the ability to in the 08-31-10-1 build. While levels were nominated by users via the "Nominate the next Level of the Day" thread on Jiggmin's Village,[2] not every map was picked from the thread.

Towards the end of Platform Racing 3 's life, levels were frequently featured for longer periods than one or two days, some as long as months due to less courses being created and the game's declining popularity.

No official history of Level of the Days was kept, though several incomplete fan-maintained lists were created.[3][4][5][6]