Legal District was a sub-forum on Jiggmin's Village that housed private staff and special group sections.

Admin's Beach

A forum accessible only by Jiggmin and super moderators where they reviewed moderator applications, discussed potential trial and full moderators among others.

Mod Hut

(Officially titled the Chamber of Secrets) A section for staff only where they discussed a variety of topics relating to the community at large.

Ban Log

A section detailing each ban administered by moderators.


A forum containing posts, threads and visitor messages reported by members. Once their report was reviewed, the thread was closed and the user was automatically notified via a private message.

Beta Tester's Club

Section where Jiggmin posted new builds of his games for beta testers to play and report possible bugs before a public release. Users applied for the position and were required to have at least 200 posts to be eligible.

Village Council

(Originally Shadow Council of Nine) a forum only accessible by the Shadow Council of Nine and Jiggmin where they discussed ideas either popular or ones they felt would benefit the community then vote on them for Jiggmin to execute.

Hero's Peak

Forum exclusive to staff and members who have been Hero of the Week where they voted on the next Hero and other activities.[1]

Hero's Court

A section accessible only by select Heroes to give the host, Hipponator, ideas and feedback on how it should be run.[2]