Laser Gun

Platform Racing - Laser Gun

Platform Racing 3 - Laser Gun

Designer Jiggmin

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Power Fires lasers
Usage/Ammo 3 shots
First Appearance Platform Racing (2007)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

The Laser Gun is an item in the Platform Racing series found in item blocks.


Users are given a gun with three long-range lasers to shoot. They can be fired at another player to briefly stun them and lower their health in deathmatches, as well as destroy bricks, blow-up mines and damage crumble blocks.

Users are not able to harm themselves with their lasers, as they will pass through them if they end up in its range.[1]


The gun's design in the first two games resembles a cartoon-ish one that appeared in Destroyers of Planets, featuring a light-brown holster and the rest being silver with a short, red line. It was updated in the third game to have a more realistic sci-fi appearance with a visible trigger and various green spots.